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History speech (Australian Federation)

I, Edmund Barton, stand to unite Australia and make it a Nation with a strong future. Seven states separated in the same country will only make Australia frail. If we unite as a country, under Britain’s declaration, we can grow as Australians and look forward to a bright and prosperous future. We can stand proud and say that we are Australian, as a country and not as states that are ruled by Britain’s law.

Immigration, communication, transport, trade and currency will all be issues that will be addressed as a united country and will be resolved under Federation. These obstacles will be overcome because we will work together as common countrymen and not foreigners to one another. In turn Australia’s currency will dramatically improve because trade will increase between the states.

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Transport will be brought together and standardised across borders so that each state is not isolated from the other. The lines of communication between the states will open and free once Federation occurs.

If there ever was to be a confrontation with another country, we would fight it as one country in strength – and not as individual states. Currently we defend ourselves separated and split which weakens us as a whole. This is a problem which affects our defence. I ask you Australians, are we strong as separate states?
Could we be stronger when we unite and become one country? Of course, the answer is YES.

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Australia is a new and growing country but at the moment we grow in separate directions. Now is the time to unite and reflect our common bond in our written constitution and by accepting Federation. Now is the time to show that we are Australian and we are proud of our country.

It is time for all Australians to come together as a nation and be known as Australia and stand proud and united as one.

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