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History of the American Indian Seminole Tribe

The Seminoles who lived in East Florida caused problems for the Americans living there. They would raid and pillage the American settlements. Andrew Jackson went to war with the Seminoles and forced them east to Pensacola. From 1835 to 1842 the federal government fought the Second Seminole War. The Seminole refused to give up their land and Osceola; their leader was determined to fight. He was captured and died in prison. The government sent many of the Seminoles west to Oklahoma. However, some escaped to the Everglades. ( Richie )

The Seminoles practiced different religious beliefs. The Southern Baptist missionaries introduced Christianity to the Seminole people on the reservations in Oklahoma as early as 1870. There were many converts. ( Seminole Tribe )

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There were eight Seminole clans. The names of the clans were Bear, Deer, Wind, Big Town, Bird, Snake, Otter, and Panther. They hunted buffalo, deer, and bear and fished in the streams. They grew corn, beans, squash and sweet potatoes. In their culture, the women were respected and were members of war councils and some became warriors. ( Seminole Tribe )

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The chicken style of architecture which consisted of a palmetto thatch over a cypress log frame was developed in the early 1800s when the Seminole were being pursued by the U.S. troops and needed fast disposable shelter. (Seminole Tribe)

In art, they have a distinctive style and the love of their culture was featured in their works. The famous “Sweetgrass” baskets have been made by Seminole Indians for more than 60 years. ( Richie )

The Seminoles’ tribes wore seashell necklaces for decoration. They often wore feathers and beads for necklaces in ceremonies for purification and manhood. After the Native Americans collected the shells from the beach, they would carve holes in the shells and weave twine, hemp or grass through them. Some Indians presently living on reservations still wear seashell necklaces.

The seashell necklace artifact was strictly decoration and was not used in any ceremonial type apparel. The Seminole clothing was very colourful with bands of intricate designs. The seashell necklaces made the perfect accessory. (Seminole Tribe).

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