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Grade Eight Graduation Speech

Good evening parents, principals, teachers and the graduating class of 2004. This is an honour for me, for being able to speak to you all today on behalf of my class. This year has been academically tough but has also been exciting and worthwhile. The friends that we have made and the groups that we have formed have become very important parts of our lives that are going to be difficult to say good-bye to.

Now that I think about it, it is surprising that I have been going to this school for ten years. The time I have spent at Clairlea will be the longest amount of time I will ever spend in one place during the rest of my education. Unlike the majority of my class I have never been to another school, Clairlea is all I know. Even though I do not have another school to compare with I can still say Clairlea has been an amazing learning environment for me.

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Because of the small number of students that attend Clairlea, it has been like a home to all of us. We all know most of the students and we are friends with many of them as well. Having a small student body has made this school a friendly and pleasant place to be.

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In my time at Clairlea they have held exciting events and activities. I will never forget the annual Holiday concerts, the folk dancing jamborees, the dances, or the Birchmount track and field days. These were all unforgettable memories that I will carry with me.

Our next phase of our education will be the scary, unfamiliar place called high school. We will enter being known as ‘minor niners’ but hopefully we will all graduate being considered mature adults. Unfortunately in September many of us will separate from each other as we go on to our new and exciting schools.

As we meet new people and learn new things I hope our experiences and our memories from our time at Clairlea will stay with us. These experiences will hopefully guide us through high school and will prepare us for many years to come.

Although our future seems quite far away, we are slowly approaching it for we have now completed the first stage of our education. However my future still seems distant and I am still unsure of what I wish to become. I think Clairlea has been a great beginning in our lives that has prepared us for our futures.

I would like to thank all of my teachers that I have had over the past ten years of my life. Thank you for teaching us, for almost every thing we know, has come from one of you. The staff here at Clairlea have made this school a positive and fun learning experience and I hope this school stays the way it is for many years to come.

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This year has honestly been one of the best years that I have experienced at Clairlea. Thank you to my parents, my teachers, my classmates and especially my friends for making my last year here awesome!

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