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Gerald Ford Essay

In 1948, Ford was elected to congress to Democrats swept the Republicans out of office in almost every election in the country. He came to Washington dedicated to the idea that Americans must retain its positive of the word leadership. He is office-house was Representative from Mass. John F. Kennedy. At the other side was the office of T. B. Martin of Kentucky. On 12/06/1973 Gerald R. Ford became Vice President. President Nixon had a White House celebration for Ford after formalities were over. In August 1979 when the Supreme court ordered Nixon to turn over his Watergate tapes to the special prosecutor. Nixon no longer had a choice in the matter and he handed over the tapes. When everybody knew he did that he quit, and Gerald R. Ford became the 38th President of the United States.

Early Life. Leslie L. King Jr. was born on 07/ 14/ 1913 in Nebraska. His father was Leslie L. King. His mother was Dorothy Gardner. Dorothy only had one child. The parents divorced in 1915 and Dorothy Gardner moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Then her met got married in 1916 to Gerald R. Ford. Then the young Leslie King got his new name: Gerald R. Ford Jr. At that point he had two half-sisters, three half-brothers. At elementary school, he got a nickname: Jerry. At Yale University, he played football, penny-ante, poker games. In one case he was a football coach. Ford was a very popular, handsome young man. He won a contest as the ‘ Most Popular Senior’ and travelled to Washington DC to be honoured.

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In fight school, he wrote letters to get an aircraft carrier in the US NAVY. Then he became a navigation officer, he served in combat in the Pacific from Nov. 1943 to Dec. 1944 with the plane USS MONTEREY. On a mission to Chapel Hill, his plane crashed and he was lucky to escape alive. After that Jerry tried his ‘hand’ in business. At one point he told himself that it was not for him. With his all American look, Jerry also became a model of the ‘Look’ magazine. Then he returned to Michigan. There he got married to Elizabeth Bloomer. Elizabeth was a former professional dancer. They had four children: Michael, John, Steven, Susan. From 1965 to 1973 he was House Minority Leader.

Presidency. In August 1974 Gerald R. Ford became the 38th President of the United States. He was having economical problem from the Nixon administration. Perhaps the most difficult problems facing G. R. Ford was the fall of South Vietnam and the hordes of refugees fleeing that country. The fall of Vietnam, however, was not the end of American’s involvement in South-East Asia. He liked to be a President. In the long run, he believed, this shift would bring a better life for all Americans. During his first fourteen months as President, he vetoed 39 measures. In1976 he won the Republican nomination, but he did lose the election.

After Presidency. On January 20\ 1977 Ford left the White House. In 1979 he found a time to write his autobiography entitled: ‘A Time to Heal’. Then he moved to California. Other information. Gerald R Ford is over six feet tall and weigh is above 200 pounds. He loved to swim twice a day, in winter he loved to ski. He was a good golfer. He doesn’t like to read books, but he loves to read the sports section. Watch football on TV. He likes to eat raw onions all by their shelf. His favourite dessert is punch ice cream with peach slices.

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