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George Grenville Speech

My fellow Britains, I come before you today as a man in distress. Distressed with our current financial state. Distressed with our American colonies. Distressed by our lack of unity. I also come to you today with some innovative ideas that will hopefully reshape our nation. In order for this to work, I am asking for your complete trust. Let me assure you that I am qualified to lead this country to a better life.

Many years ago, in 1741, I was elected to the House of Commons. From there, I went on to serve on the Admiralty Board, the Treasury Board, and as the Treasurer of the Navy. By 1761, I assumed the Leadership of the House and two years later, I was elected as the First Lord, the position that I currently serve you from. I wish to now share with you my views on Great Britain’s financial situation.

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As you all know, our country is in debt. This is a debt caused by the War of Spanish Succession, the War of Austrian Succession, and the Seven Years War. Respectively we’ve lost 56 million pounds, 75 million pounds, and 132 million pounds during the course of these battles. But you have elected me to take care of you and that is exactly what I am going to do.

In order for us to once again build ourselves up as a country, we will all have to make sacrifices: this includes those living in our colonies in America. I propose that we decrease our spending in the army and navy. Because we are now a nation at peace, I firmly believe that this is an area where we can afford to make budget cuts. Our friends of the American colonies will lift a lot of monetary burdens. After all, they have it so easy.

We have protected them, made their decisions for them, and provided for them. As you all know, I have already enforced the Sugar Act upon our overseas friends. From this, I have gotten nothing but positive feedback, because it has lowered the price of molasses to you, my people. It also lowered the tax that was imposed in America for imports. How is this making money you ask?

Prior to this Act, the Americans were not always paying this tax; therefore, the Sugar Act lowered the tax for them but enforced it more strongly upon everyone. I assure you that it’s nothing too rough, but I decided and I think that you’ll agree with me that those Americans need more order and structure in their lives. However, the Sugar Act was not bringing in enough revenue as we had initially hoped, so my new, exciting idea for 1765 is: the Stamp Act.

This Act will bring in money for the British troops stationed over in America, so it only makes sense that the money comes from the Americans since our soldiers are only over there to help them. As a result, all newspapers, legal documents, licenses, dice, playing cards, and official documents will be taxed. Within the next couple of weeks, the Stamp Act will be presented before Parliament and it is expected to pass easily.

As your First Lord, I stand before you as not only your leader, but also a man; a man who now has a renewed faith that his country will persevere through any challenges that they face. Together, we will resiliently return from our defeats and together we will celebrate our victories.

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