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General Information on the Game of Baseball

Baseball was officially recognized in 1907. Even though the official came evolved from a much earlier game called baseball, which was played around 1787. Abner Doubleday invented the game in Cooperstown, New York in 1839. Now in that city stands the official baseball hall of fame. However, it did not get its first set of official rules until 1845. Alexander Cartwright made the rules.

Baseball is Americas past time. It first got popular in World War Two. It was easy for people to play and the materials didn’t cost much. Soon after, in 1871 they organized the National Association of Professional Baseball Players. Then two leagues organized were the American (formed in 1900) and National Leagues (formed in 1876). Both of the leagues have teams from all of the states. In 1921 Kenesaw M. Landis became the first baseball commissioner and had control over all baseball phases. After he died in 1944 all his successors had less power.

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Although there are many variations of Baseball it is played in one specific way. There are two teams of about nine players each. Each of the teams has a pitcher, a catcher, and batters. The remaining people are left in the outfield or on bases.

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The field is about an acre and is square or rectangular shaped. In the middle of it is a diamond. In the centre of the diamond and outside it is usually grass except for the bases, the pitcher’s mound, and the dirt outline of the diamond. Then they have a steel cage behind the home base to keep the ball from going into the crowd.

Once you have the players and the field you set the game up. The batting team has one person at bat while the rest of the team waits their turn on the benches. Usually, the batter wears a helmet. The other team has a catcher kneeling behind the batter and a pitcher on the mound. Then they have a person on all the bases. The remaining players are spread out in the outfield. Next to the catcher is an umpire, which is like a football referee. He makes calls and watches to make sure no one cheats.

Baseball today is very popular and most major league games are sold out. Kids play peewee and youth baseball. While teenagers play high school. Often most of the players you will later see in the major leagues get baseball scholarships to college. The way they get into the major leagues is that spotters and representatives come to the games and watch you. If they think you are an excellent player they might recruit you or send you to a team try out with another spotted player.

In the major leagues, you start your season in the spring although practice goes year-round. After about ten to fifteen games the best teams go to the playoffs. Their teams get eliminated as they lose. The top two teams go to the playoffs, and the winning team is considered the best team in the league for one year.

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Baseball is also an Olympic sport. The very best players are recruited and sent off for four years of training. After their four years, they go and play different teams from all around the world. If a person is particularly good on that team they have a higher chance of making it onto a major league team.

Most people think baseball is just a sport but it is also a business and a job. Major league players make millions every year. As well do the team owners. Players also make money on the advertising they do and some even have their own licensed products. Baseball cards are also wildly popular and make money for the teams and the players.

Some famous players include Babe Ruth. Babe Ruth was the first African-American baseball player. He hit 714 home runs in his career. Another one is DiMaggio. He is also known as the Yankee Clipper and one of the greatest hitters and center fielders of all time. Some of the more recent famous players are Cal Ripken and Mark McGuire. Both are in the hall of fame for the most home runs. It is hard to say that one team is really good though since these famous players rotate teams ever so often. Although, the New York and St. Louis teams both have good records.

The Dictionary defines baseball as this:
Baseball: n. 1. A game played with a hard, rawhide covered ball and a wooden bat by two opposing teams of nine players each: it is played on a diamond shaped field which a runner must complete to score a run.

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Baseball is much more than that though. It is a part of America’s history. It is a common past time and so it just taking a ball to a field and tossing it. Famous songs have been wrote about baseball and it is the theme for many famous stories. Baseball players are some of the most recognized people in the world.

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