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Gay Marriage – Persuasive Essay

Everyone dreams of one day becoming married and having a family, and most of the time, this dream is fulfilled, that is if they are straight. However, as each year passes by, there seems to be an increasing number of gay couples that aspire to become married. Even though gay marriage is becoming a trendy topic, people begin to realize that it does either one of two things (unless they are apathetic on the issue); gay marriage puts a strain on society’s outlook, or it opens up many opportunities for the gay couples themselves.

Bishops and other religious figures of the church feel that gay marriage is appalling and should be abolished from society. The article mentioned in the National Catholic Reporter, “Bishops Warn of Dangers to Marriage,” it is revealed that bishops believe same-sex marriage is “one of the most troubling developments in contemporary culture.” (Roberts 2). According to the text, the first command given to Adam and Eve was “be fertile and multiply” (National Catholic Reporter).

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The culture of America is perceived to be a family consisting of one mother, one father, and however many kids are desired; however, if same-sex marriage were to be allowed, it would diminish all-natural aspects of our culture. Bishops of the Church believe that it is “in the offspring” where “married love finds its crowning glory” (Roberts 2). To reiterate, in other words, the most outstanding achievement of marriage is found in the child created by that man and woman. Though one may not believe in Christ or anything to do with religion, the Church is against gay marriage because men and women were created to produce fertile offspring, a task impossible for gay couples.

Most people against gay marriage agree that it cannot and should not be permitted because the female necessitates a dominant male figure to protect her. For example, the Weekly Standard, “The Worst Thing About Gay Marriage,” teaches us that “marriage is a part of a kinship system” and kinship depends on the “protection, organization, and often exploitation of female sexuality vis-�-vis male” (Schulman 3). Women and children have suffered and will continue to suffer from being over-protected and controlled, but the consequence of under-protection and indifference will be immeasurably worse (Schulman 4).

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Understandably, over-protected women feel effected by the matter. Still, at least they are guaranteed someone to be there when in danger, while on the other hand, under-protected women are far more vulnerable. We realize that marriage is above all, “concerned with female sexuality” and that kinship depends on the protection of women from “rape, degradation, and concubinage” (Schulman 2). This is why marriage between and man and woman has been necessary for virtually every society ever known (Schulman 2). In other words, it is a priority to attain a male-female relationship in order to create the safest possible environment for the female.

Same-sex marriage cannot offer the appropriate assurance for the female’s safety due to the lack of a male figure designed to protect. Often, marriage leads to the desire for kids, and adoption is the only way that desire can be fulfilled for homosexual couples, which can tremendously affect the child’s path in being raised as a normal kid. Psychological Reports, as mentioned in Paul Cameron and Ellen C. Perrin’s “Insight on the News,” tested 52 families and ninety-two percent of the children in those families “mentioned one or more ‘problems'” which included “hypersexuality, instability, molestation, and domestic violence” (Cameron and Perrin 2).

A great majority of kids growing up in a home with homosexual parents find it to do so because they are lacking either a mother or a father, who are both vital participants in childhood. In one Insight on the News interview, a nine-year-old girl growing up with gay parents reveals her feelings of discomfort at home and how “all of a sudden [she] felt like a different person because [her] mom was a lesbian” (Cameron and Perrin 2). Every marriage between a man and a woman can give any child that they create or adopt a mother and a father, which is the opposite for gay couples (Gallagher 109). Gay adoption can be a negative part of a child’s life because it is usually hard on the child growing up. After all, they lack either a mother or father figure.

While many individuals are against gay marriage, there are also the ones who believe everyone should be granted equal rights. America has always been set on the idea of equality for all because “our fathers brought forth this continent, a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal” (Lincoln). Sadly this nation has taken a long time to live up to that promise of equality (Olson 2). Society encourages marriage because of the commitment not only to each other but also to their families, which creates a union between the two; however, society doesn’t seem to accept this same idea for homosexuals.

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If same-sex marriage were to be legalized, it would be”recognition of basic American principles” as it would “represent our nation’s commitment to equal rights” (Olson 2). Historical figures from America’s history to now have always promised equal rights for everyone, yet hays seem to continue to be discriminated against. The basis of America has always been freedom and equality for all, discarding all of the homosexuals who are granted limited marriage rights. As mentioned earlier, marriage naturally leads to the aspiration for having children, and adoption is the only way for homosexual couples to do so, which in the end is a positive side of gay marriage because it opens up the doors for a child in need of a loving home.

As stated in The First Post, there are never enough parents to adopt out all of the children in foster care homes, so “whether the family is gay or straight” is usually “better than the foster-care system” (1). Gay adoption can open up many opportunities for the children trapped in the foster-care system because they will be shown the love and other vital aspects of childhood that would never be expressed in foster care. A new twenty-five-year study, as mentioned in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, shows that children of gay parents showed higher ratings than their peers in “social, academic, and overall competence” and “lower in aggressive behavior” (Manford and Chrisler 1). Children of gay parents are overall better off than children with heterosexual divorced parents because they have two full-time parental figures that are always there for them (Manford and Chrisler 1).

Children of gay parents demonstrate a more confident status mainly because they are supported by two parents, whereas an increasing majority of children have divorced parents. A positive idea of gay marriage is gay adoption because it creates a positive outlook for kids who thought they would never have a chance in the foster-care system. Many people against gay marriage believe that it ruins the prosperity of heterosexual marriage when in reality they just search for any possible reason to make gay marriage appear as an unspeakable issue. In his editorial found on, Tom Head explains that in the countries that have legalized same-sex marriage, the rate of heterosexual marriage has either “gone up, remained stable, or declined consistent with other countries in the region that do not recognize same-sex marriage” (Head 1).

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In other words, gay marriage has absolutely no effect on heterosexual marriage as shown in the statistics of Tom Head’s editorial, because the rates of heterosexual marriages stay the same as they would if gay couples didn’t exist. Found on the Daily Paul Liberty Forum, Bruce Hausknecht admits that “there is no aspect of family life” that is impacted by a homosexual agenda that is “fundamentally at odds with the biblical view of marriage and sexuality” (Hausknecht 1). To recap, there is no family containing heterosexual parents that are impacted by the views of gay marriage; gay marriage isn’t harming anyone.

An optimistic outlook on gay marriage is the idea of it harming nobody, especially heterosexual marriages, which is the main target in trying to destroy gay marriage. Gay marriage has always been and will continue to be a highly controversial issue among believers and non-believers. There will always be those people who oppose gay marriage, accepting that male-female marriage was generated to produce fertile offspring. There will also be those who want equality for all. These two beliefs are the basis of the controversy of the issue, and it will continue to be until gay marriage is accepted in society.

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