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Freewill vs Destiny and Science vs Religion Essays

Since the birth of human civilization, humans have always wondered what their place in this world is for thousands of years. They have always wanted to discover what it was that their life was meant for. Many different people have believed many different things. The most important theories about our lives are the concepts of destiny and free will. This has always been a popular movie theme; the person who fights destiny and makes his own decision out of his free will to change his and everyone else’s destiny. Some people believe that if you do not believe in destiny, you will not be affected. Would it matter if the choices you make are not controlled but the result of your life is the same? In the world, there are billions of people, all of which have different lives.

If someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, was it really their fault? Is it predetermined that someone will be addicted to drugs? If it were discovered that destiny was real, what would people do? Would they decide to stop trying and to stop? Is it easier for people to blame everything wrong on destiny and god? In the world, some people try to manipulate things to their advantage. Are the manipulators we encounter really manipulating, or are they being manipulated themselves? Have we ever made a real choice? What if destiny is real? Are all the choices we make useless? Are we going to end up in the same location no matter what we do? If destiny is real, have we ever really chose life? What is reality if what we believe to be real truth isn’t? How can we find out what is real and what isn’t? Who determines our destinies? If there is a God, does he determine how everyone’s destiny will be?

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If God is the being that determines our destiny, why does s/he make certain people in the world suffer so much throughout their lives? If there is a God, why does he feel it is necessary to play such cruel practical jokes on some people? Are all the choices (if they truly are choices) we make all ready determined? Was I destined to tyoe this essay? Was I destined to mistype that word? Were you destined to give me an A on the essay? If so, will it happen, and can we change the outcome of things? Even if we diverge from the path we were destined to follow, will it affect the way things end for us? If destined, what is real? Do we really have a choice in anything, or are we just viewing as things occur to our bodies? If we have no choice, what is the point of life? Will I come up with any more questions? Am I destined to come up with more questions? Would it ever be possible to determine someone’s destiny? If this were to happen, what would be the point to life? Has there ever been a point to live?

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Religion and Science. Since the beginning of human civilization, people have wondered how they got to where they were. Humans have wanted to know where reality came from and what truly is real. There have always been two different ways to try and explain how everything began. One way was to look to religion, while the other was to base your understanding on facts. Religion is based mainly around the use of faith and belief without proof. Then on the other side of the spectrum, there is a science that tests and concludes only if there is enough proof to substantiate those claims. These two different viewpoints have always collided head to head. Throughout history, people who follow one of the viewpoints would be persecuted by those of the other. An example of this is how Galileo was forced to be under house arrest after claiming that the Earth revolved around the sun and not the other way around.

Some believe that religion is for the people that need guidance in their lives. Some people are very religious, while others couldn’t care less. Abortion is one of the current issues people face when they think about the clash between religion and science. The main issue that people face with this topic is life and when it starts. Personally, I have always believed that life begins at the moment of conception. The moment that the sperm cell combines with the egg cell and begins to divide and replicate, life has begun. There is no doubt about this in my mind. Yet even though I believe that the embryo is considered alive, I have always believed that abortion is a decision that can and should be considered if the person is not ready, capable enough, or wanted a baby.

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The only thing that I have wondered since I was able to understand what an abortion is (since the 5th grade) was who is responsible for the loss of life; the doctor or the mother? With abortion comes the possible use of stem cells. What should be done with them the stem cells? I believe that the cells are already dead and should be used to save other people’s lives. But others believe they shouldn’t use stem cells to save people because they are really mean people themselves (just saying). So another issue faced in this topic is can one exist without the other.

Of course, one can but should it? I have met many different doctors, and most of them believe that certain things should be explained scientifically while remaining religious. This has made me wonder about one thing: Can religion be proven scientifically? I once heard that we are reaching the point of technological advancement where we will determine if there truly is a God. What would happen if this was done? Should the religious people be hypocrites, after bashing science for so long, accept this scientific discovery when it benefits them?

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