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During World War II they were called Victory Gardens. By growing vegetables at home, the farmers were encouraged to sell their crops to maintain the war effort. Today, a good reason to have a home garden is the fact that it can provide benefits to a family much greater than a source of fresh, healthy food.

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Families that work and play together, stay together. Children learn from chores. They learn even more from parents they share those chores with. Science and mathematics are a part of farming, no matter how small the farm. Agronomy and botany become reality teachers when a child can see a seed sprout, grow and yield food.

Economics becomes a real concept to a child when he can compare the store produce prices with what he was able to grow at home with his own hands. The best bonus of all is that the taste of food left on the vines to ripen exceed those of the shipped and transported food that is often flavourless because it was picked too early.

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Some people would argue that the seeds, fertilizer, rakes and shovels one must purchase in order to plant a garden are expensive. Others might argue that the cost of water, time and labour are excessive. I disagree. What a family saves in travel expenses, restaurant prices and entertainment costs for kids who find life at home boring far exceeds any benefit derived from McDonald’s lunches and ballet lessons. Perhaps better grades, healthier children with less stressed parents and the fun of sharing a family meal around a table full of homegrown food is a bargain at any cost.



It goes without saying that of all the mediums we get news from, television is easily the best at disseminating it to a worldwide audience. With continued advances in technology, news can now be reported from anywhere at any time. Through its various incarnations, television took and continues to take us to places we might otherwise never visit and allows us close ups of what we would not see if we were at the scene ourselves. It also provides the definitive edition of the news which other mediums simply cannot compete with.

As television continues to evolve, our reach to places on this earth and even above it has increased in such amazing fashion. With the advent of satellites, we can connect with others in other countries with what seems like relative ease. Television news today thrives tremendously with on the spot reporting, and you can count on reporters to be at the scene of a major story in a heartbeat. Nothing is too far away for the eye, and the best reporters give you as in depth a view that radio can only allow you to imagine.

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Even at the start of television’s existence, when its scope could not reach as far as it can today, it was still a major force in connecting us with the world. Its technical limitations did not stop us from pushing the limits of what can be captured on camera. Even before it was in color, television news burned unforgettable images into our consciousness and forced us to ponder what we saw for years to come.

To this day, television spreads the news out to us all at an ever growing pace, and it doesn’t take long for it to mold what we see. It also gives us the definitive view of events which powerfully shapes our interpretations of what we have witnessed. It is unlikely that any other medium today can come even close to matching how effective television is in disseminating news to a worldwide audience.

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