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Forest Gump Info Speech

Introduction: “Life is like a box of chocolates.”
“The Commercially popular movie Forest Gump illustrates it’s meaning so brilliantly, despite the adversity!”
(Winston Groom;1985)
“Paramount Pictures commending Forest Gump as a failure although the film was and is a huge commercial success.”
“Despite international opinion critics praised the film as a modern fable.”
“And last but not least only pure genius can be deducted from the simplistic views of Gump.”

I. Forest Gump has profited greatly.
A. “IT is hard for the lottery to keep up with forest now a days-
Because he contributed to the whole U.S.”
B. The movie has profited more than you could ever imagine.
The film itself generated 330million dollars
C. Many capital enterprises including the theaters are more than satisfied with the film .
One firm profited ~158million dollars.
Anyways, despite the financial benefits Forest Gump has meaning.

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II. Internationally Forest Gump is mysteriously frowned upon.
A. Outside of America Forest Gump is viewed as extended and is granted undeserved praise.
B. The movie is also downed for maintaining inaccurate stereotypes of America.
Although it is merely a film and is based on imagination.
C. Winston Groom unwarily wrote a modern fable when he created forest gump.
Forest Gump actually does differ somewhat from the novel.

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III. Forest Gump actually does have a quite a simple plot but it is so effective.
A. At fist forest is frowned upon because of his appearance.
Young forest gump was born in fictional Greenbow, Alabama with a crooked spine.
B. However, regardless of his appearance and slight mental retardation Forest’s kind demeanor is all he needs to survive.
C. After Jenny, I mean.. “genny” (forest), Forest’s wife passes away, forest takes time to reflect on his life.
Jenny‘s death moves forest to question the nature of life.
“is it (density), or merely events,. (just floating all accididental like? Or perhaps a little bit of both.)

“For those of you who did not catch that, the whole point of the movie is to fulfill your destiny in as generous a way as possible, and to keep giving after that.”
The movie Forest Gump is a success in my opinion because it has inspired people such as Louis Figueroa (a marathon runner) to run the whole U.S. in order to produce money in order to protect children.

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