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Follow one religion but respect all says Nirmal Baba

It is very difficult to describe religion in few lines as no definition can contain all the attributes of all the religions, hence it will remain incomplete. But for the sake of understanding, it can be said that religion is a collection of cultural systems, belief systems, and worldviews that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values, defined by Wikipedia.
Etymologically, the term religion is derived from the Latin word religio which means “respect for what is sacred, reverence for the gods or “obligation, the bond between man and the gods”

In our world, there are numerous religions but the five major religions, based on the following population are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Chinese folk religion and Buddhism. Every religion is built on the edifice of thought, the thought of its founder. It is quite interesting to notice that though outer form i.e. the customs and traditions associate with every religion is different the core of all the religions are the same. Many philosophers, who have studied multiple religions in depth felt that the only difference between the core essence of most of the religions is that of the language.

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As a matter of fact, every individual on earth is bound to follow some of the other religions in one way or the other. Reasons to follow might be different but all of them hint towards the basic one which is the belief in a supreme power-the “almighty”. In other words, people have faith in what we term magical power. But that very magic begins once we start believing in it.
Our faith in a belief is always attached to experiences. Initially, I had this very idea that there’s nothing like supreme power and used to always disconnect any religious idea from my life.

But on insistence by one of my friends I attended Nirmal Baba’s samagam and was deeply touched on seeing the way he helps out his devotees. Not just this, I also got greatly convinced by his thoughts. I am a completely changed person now and have started believing in religious practices.

Ram may not visit the mosque or Rehman may not visit the temple. However, Ram is a regular temple goer. Now, this might be because of sincere and honest dedication to one religion or maybe because of disrespect to another religion. The very idea propagated by Nirmal Baba is, to have faith in one religion, at the same time not look down on the rest. He says everyone should be religious, follow his religious practices, visit the holy places regularly. But what he asks people to refrain from is showing disrespect to others’ religious beliefs.

Being religious makes one feel connected with god. It purifies the heart and gives immense peace. While preaching the idea of following single religion he also asks people to keep away from superstitious practices.

He also says that disrespect to some other religion also deprives the devotees of almighty’s blessings, as there is only one supreme power. Being religious and sincerely following the religious practices attached to it has helped me calm down as a person and I feel blessed to have someone like him in my life.

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