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Film Review Sample For High-school Students

Director: Christopher Nolan

Cast: Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Michael Caine, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Rachel Dawes, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman

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Release date: 18 July 2008 (USA)

Country: United States, United Kingdom

Running time: 152 minutes

Probably, “The Dark Knight” was the most anticipated blockbuster of summer 2008. Many viewers couldn’t wait so they turned to “The Dark Knight” aXXo versions. Anyway, whether you watched “The Dark Knight” aXXo version or not the question is what we got at last.

At last, we’ve got the continuation of Bruce Wayne’s adventures better known as Batman. But I bet that you watched “The Dark Knight” to see Heath Ledger. The thing is you won’t see him. You’ll see The Joker. This time one of the most popular comic book heroes has to oppose unpredictable and fanatic adversaries.

In outward (and inward) appearance he’s quite noticeable. He’s a villain who doesn’t make any rules. Though with the course of the movie he keeps on playing some game that neither viewers nor the characters can get.

The Joker is not another trivial movie villain. He’s intelligent, unruly, unpredictable and kind of fatal. He doesn’t need your money, life, and other values. His game is inevitable. He seeks entertainment and there is only one thing that buzzes him «Why so serious?» Probably you’ll get killed. Probably you’ll be offended. Anyway, you’ll be part of this terrible and “amusing” game. This is the dreadful situation in which the characters of Batman, Gordon, Dent find themselves. How is it going to end? Well, watch the movie!

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As a film “The Dark Knight” is definitely wonderful. What I really liked about it is the plot with unexpected twists. Watching it I wasn’t disappointed a minute! What is more, the scale and complexity are really impressive. “The Dark Knight” doesn’t refer to any genre. At the same time, it’s an action, fiction, drama, melodrama and even philosophic tale.

“The Dark Knight” has changed my opinion about superhero movies. It’s thought-provoking, appealing and does have a deep meaning. So if you don’t like such movies, watch this one. Maybe it’ll change your point of view as well.

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