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Fictional 11 Page Story

On the outside, he was a blue-eyed, brown-haired, misunderstood genius. On the inside, he was an artist dying to come out, a lover with no one to swoon, and an unsuspecting geek to say the least. She made a mistake for she would always be too good for him. She was an heiress who needed someone to latch onto for a while. She was wild, unpredictable, and nothing more than a friend to any man she would like to call her own. She sat in a class by the football players while he sat in the back drawing on desks. Their paths were never meant to cross and they were never supposed to come in contact with each other. Until one day when she decided she needed another way to get what she wanted.

She approached him on the walk home. They lived in completely opposite sides of the town. For the first few blocks, all she could see was the back of his head and all he could hear was her feet tapping lightly on the pavement.

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“SAMSON!”, she called out, her brown hair flying out like streamers as she ran to catch up with him. He turned, noded, and sped his pace ever so slightly. “Samson wait! I need to talk to you.”

“Oh, H_Hi Delilah” he stammers. “Sorry, I didn’t hear you. How have you been? I read your article in the school newspaper about how Mahatma Gandhi said that the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated. I thought it was really great. I would have said something before, but, well…”

“Oh that doesn’t matter Sam. It was nothing really. Umm… listen. I have been noticing you in school. Have you been doing weight lifting? Oh, uh, no? Well, I just figured, I mean…”

“I don’t consider muscle size a compliment you know. And even if I did, Delilah, I’m neither stupid nor blind. I do look in mirrors and there is nothing but skin and bones on the skeletal structure. What did you really want to talk to me about? Need me to write an English paper for you? Because well I’m free after tuba practice so you better jump on it now. What are we talking? A- Or a B+ maybe?”

“No. No it’s not that. Well. Ok. I think I like you Sam. Your not like the rest of those jocks and preps your, well your just different, I like you, so your just going to have to deal!”, and just like that it started. Just like Delilah had planned.

The next few days in school all she did was ignore him like usual. But on the fourth day on the walk home she confronted him again. “I’ve been thinking about you, Samson.” That’s all she had time to say before a bunch of her friends came up to her and took her from his side.

“What are you thinking, Dee? Talking to a gutless-wonder like that? Were you just about to jump him for his lunch money or what?” asked Gwen, the most beautiful and most insincere one of the group.

“Hey c’mon guys, I’m sure Dee has a perfectly good explanation. C’mon Delilah, show ‘em,” chirped Alastair. He was the calmest and most understanding of the group. He became that way after a football game when he broke a kids neck on the other team.

“It’s really none of your business who I talk to or who I walk home with or anything. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go.” Delilah declared.

When Delilah got home she couldn’t get Samson off her mind. She went to the phone on the counter, looked at the directory, picked up the handle and began to dial. Since she was so scared she ended up doing this 13 times. Every time he would answer she would hang upon him.

“That’s it!” Delilah screamed as she slammed the phone down as hard as she could. “This is the last time I will call and he will pick up and I will ask him ever so politely if I can come over and talk to him!” Delilah was now on a rampage, her hands were shaking with every number she pushed.”5-5-5-2-9-9-3!”
Ring, Ring…


“Oh c’mon pick up the phone! You’ve done it the last 13 times! PICK UP THE PHONE!”

Ring, Ring, Ring…

“Erm, Hello?”

“Oh, uh. Is Samson available please?”

“Yeah. Let me find him. DEAR?! Have you seen Sam? No? SAM!!!”

“I got it dad. Hello…?”

“Hi Samson. It’s Delilah. Can I come over?”
“Why? Are you the one that has been calling my house over and over? You’re lucky we didn’t call the cops.”
“The cops? Oh my, why would you call the cops?”
“My mother is weird like that. Anyway… that’s not the point. Why do you want to come over?”
“I just do ok. Be over in a sec.”
“No wai….”

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Dial Tone.

She arrived at a big blue house with colossal glass windows. She jumped off her bike and set it down by a tree. She looked all around. It was so homey there. Children’s tricycles littered the lawn. Two semi-flat basketballs were at the end of the driveway facing the hoop and the garage doors.

Delilah ran up to the door and knocked five times in the tune of All around the Mulberry Bush. She could hear jumbling inside, but didn’t look into the door of glass for fear of someone watching her. She didn’t want to be rude. The door opened suddenly and Samson’s face popped out of the corner. Her heart beat was rapid. How could a boy like this make her feel so jittery. There was nothing but silence. Finally…

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“I wasn’t planning on it. Why?”

She shoved past him and stood in a small room surrounded by the kitchen, the living room, a case of stairs, and a music room. Delilah couldn’t stop turning around, staring in awe. Bookcases were on every wall in every corner, shoved into different ruts and nooks. Pictures of family members were held up so incredibly crooked she thought it was done on purpose. Across from the doorway in the kitchen was a plump woman in sweats kneading at least 10 ponds of bread dough. She turned and smiled so sweetly at her.

Her hair was short and feathery and was a pleasant shade of red. Her cheeks held caked-on baking flour and she was singing to the bagpipe music on the radio. A man carrying a little girl who was not more than three years old in one hand and a book in the other came down the steps and walked right past without even noticing the strange girl in his door way. Five seconds later after passing Delilah…

“Oh Hello! I’m Ross and this precious one is Alyssa.” Without waiting her to speak, he turned away from Delilah and went about his business.
“So… Sam. Can I see your room?” Dee asked hopefully.
“I… g_ guess. Come with me.” Samson replied with no want whatsoever to show her his room.
They walked through a very short hall lined with pink walls and more books. Both of them came upon a small room with white walls lined with even more books and CDs. Delilah placed herself comfortably on his water bed. She looked at him. She couldn’t believe that she was there or the feelings that she felt for him. Containing her emotions was so hard for her at that moment, in that room, by his side, in such a close distance to him, and she felt everything she had never felt before. Delilah was the first to break the silence.
“Nice room. It’s real cozy. Why don’t you sit down? Is it ok that I helped myself to a seat? I, I can move if you would like.”
“No. It’s alright. And I’ll stand for the time being. No offense Delilah but…”
“Oh please Sam call me Dee. All of my friends do.” She chuckled to herself.
“No. I’m not your friend. I have no intention to be. So with all due respect, Delilah, why are you here? What do you want with me?”
“I just want to get to know you. C’mon it will be fun. You tell me something about yourself and I will tell you something about me. Just try it. If you aren’t interested after a while I’ll go home.”
“Ok I guess. Um… I like dungeons and dragons. My brother, Kale makes up his own campaigns. He basically makes up the scenarios and stuff. He is the DM; That stands for Dungeon Master. Have you ever played?”
“Oh, well you should. Its great fun. Just make sure you play with good, experienced players first or else you wont like it. It will be boring and more like a fictional story and very unbelievable.”
“Ok. I’ll remember that I guess. Well let’s see I guess I should tell you something about me now. Um… well first of all I am a complete neat freak. Like I could never live with your closet, I mean look at this crap…” Delilah got up and sat in front of the closet like she is about to reorganize everything. All of a sudden Sam stands up in terror.
“NO! No leave that stuff alone…”
“What is that?” Delilah was hypnotized. Under a pile of dirty clothes was a shiny, silver pool of liquid. She put her and in it wanting to identify the substance. Her hand didn’t hit the floor. It just kept going through the pool until her whole forearm was in the pool.
“Samson, what is it?” her voice was shaky.
“It’s a portal.”
“A portal? A portal to what?”
“Utopia.” There was no doubt in his answer.
“You don’t really expect me to believe that do you. Samson you’re a freak. I’ll see you in school sometime.” Delilah got up to leave and Samson grabbed her hand to stop her.
“No. Don’t be afraid. I’ll show you. Just hold my hand and hold your breath a little.”

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Her legs turned to jelly. Samson and Delilah were being pulled every direction until there was a small splash. She opened her eyes. She was in the clearest water she had ever seen but she wasn’t wet. She went under and she could feel the liquid surround her body and when she came up for air she was dry. She saw Samson heading for the shore so she began waddling off towards him. The sky was a deep orange and purple.

The air around her was warm with a light breeze that seemed to blow directly through her body. She arrived at the shore and saw hundreds of doves and swans nestling up to each other, dosing off lightly. It was beautiful. There were weeping willows every where she turned and the air was crisp as if it had just rained. She felt like she was floating and weightless. All her troubles and thoughts abandoned her, leaving her with bliss and joy.

“Samson. This is wonderful. It truly is a utopia. How did this happen?”
“I don’t know. Isn’t it grand, though? Like a burst of energy and fresh air that never ends.”
“Thank you for bringing me here. Oh, how I wish we didn’t have to leave.”
Samson gave her a light smile and came towards her.
“You’re beautiful you know. Here it is as if I can have you for myself. Like I actually have a chance. Do you feel it? I know you do. You felt feelings for me in my room but here they are amplified by unknown numbers. I watch you, you know, in school. On your way home. I sing to you in my head about how perfect and glorious you are, unlike the clones you are always around. You’re different.”
“Bless you for saying that Sam. I think you’re wonderful, I truly do. If only…”
“If only we could stay here?”
“Yes! We have no rules here. No boundaries. We can just be ourselves and love one another without people watching us. We can live in this utopia together forever Sam. Wouldn’t that be lovely?”
“We could have that you know. We can stay here. Forever. And I could love you and you could love me and we could have the greatest love story of all time here. Right Here! What do you say Dee? Will you stay with me? Forever?”
“Sam were kind of young…”
“But that’s the great thing about it. We will have practically our whole lives and then some. Time moves slower here I know it does. Just… stay!”
“What about our families, our friends, I mean I barely know you. Don’t take this the wrong way I have feelings for you but… what will happen?”
“We will stay happy together. That’s all that could ever become of us. I will be your Samson and you will be my Delilah and we will be inseparable until the end only there won’t be an end. Not for us. Were timeless. Please, say you’ll stay with me. I will promise to love you always and we can have a family and I will give you all you ever wanted just stay here. Don’t you like it here? How couldn’t you? Its perfect isn’t it? Don’t you want to stay like this? In love, Forever, living with your Samson in Paradise?”
“Forever? You promise to love me forever? And cherish me as I will do the same for you? Forever? Seems like a long time doesn’t it. Even in Paradise…”
“Delilah, I promise you that I love you with every fiber of my being and that I will love you, Forever. Will you stay?”
“Oh, of course Samson!”
What seems to be minutes pass. Time in the portal moves slower but everything happens faster. A few hours later the waves of the ocean get rough and the wind picks up. The birds leave with nothing to remember them by except dried feces. The crisp airs turns into fog and it gets harder to breath. Mist from the water drenches them within seconds.
“Samson what’s going on?”
“It’s just a storm.”
“I’m cold.”
“It will be ok. The storm will pass soon. Just come by me. I will protect you.”
Delilah falls into his arms. Samson is warm and smooth. She can feel his hot breath on the top of her head and becomes comforted by his breathing and the movement of his stomach. She studies it. Another hour passes. The storm becomes more brutal and Delilah struggles to keep a hold on Samson.
“Samson, I’m going to blow away. Hold me closer, please. No, No tighter than that.”
“I can’t. It’s time to let you go.”
“Are you crazy? What does that mean? Samson I am sure to blow away please don’t let go!”
Samson’s grip loosens.
“I can’t hold on any longer Delilah, I’m sorry. I still love you though. Goodbye Delilah. I will always remember you. Your beauty, your ambition, your curiosity… but its just not enough to keep me holding on anymore…I’m so sorry Delilah. You understand why I am doing this don’t you?”
Delilah sobs uncontrollably. “What about your Delilah and my Samson? What about our timeless love greater than any others. What about our utopia? Samson, what happened to Forever?”
Samson looks Delilah straight in the face. His eyes show no pity, no emotion.
“Silly Delilah… Forever Ended Yesterday.”
The wind picked her up and carried her away for miles. She couldn’t tell her tears from the rain pouring so hard. She didn’t know what to do. Delilah couldn’t stop it. All she could do was wonder where she would end up.

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Delilah woke up drenched in sweat to her cell phone vibrations. She quickly wiped the tears from her eyes and licked the remaining salt around the creases of her mouth. She couldn’t help but think to herself that it was all a dream. That she made up her paradise and her emotions. She got out of bed quite quickly feeling relief. She went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, washed her face, and brushed her hair. Delilah went downstairs to grab some breakfast and go to school.

“Delilah?” her mom asked.
“Yeah mom?” Delilah asked nonchalantly
“Thank Heavens you’re home! Robert! It’s Delilah. Oh your father will be so pleased. Oh Delilah you’ve changed. Where did you go? And who with? Have you kidnapped Delilah? Oh we all thought the worst! ROBERT! Come down and see dear Delilah!” her mom wailed, hollered and rejoiced in Delilah’s return.
Where had she gone she pondered? And how long have I been away?

She escaped her mother’s tight grip and went to the fridge to look at the calendar. She was amazed to see that almost 4 years had passed. It didn’t make sense. It had to have been a dream. It was only one night’s dream. She didn’t go anywhere. Delilah became overwhelmed and ran for the door. She had to go and see Samson. Did he leave too? Did he just get back from a four-year trip? It became clearer to Delilah. She began to remember everything about the portal and Samson.

“He let me go. After promising Forever… No. Samson wouldn’t do such a thing.”

Delilah raced to his house. Opened the door and ran into his room. There she found note in Samson’s writing. She began to read it to herself.

“Yes Delilah,
It was all true. I said I loved you. I played with your emotions. I made you think that forever was going something it wasn’t. I made it seem as if I would never leave you. In the beginning everyone knew you were too good for me, but it played out in the end that I was too good for you. I understand your pain. It will stay with you longer than I did. And yes, four years of deceit passed us even though it felt like minutes. I dwelled on all your good spots and pretended you had no faults or weaknesses for yours and my benefit.

It was all in my master plan. “We will stay happy together. That’s all that could ever become of us. I will be your Samson and you will be my Delilah and we will be inseparable until the end only there won’t be an end. Not for us. Were timeless. Please, say you’ll stay with me. I will promise to love you always and we can have a family and I will give you all you ever wanted just stay here. Don’t you like it here? How couldn’t you? Its perfect isn’t it? Don’t you want to stay like this? In love, forever, living with your Samson in Paradise?” Well I guess the joke’s on you silly Delilah. You should have known that Forever would end yesterday. But I still love you. And I have a surprise. Go to the portal. Go on, Delilah just take a look inside.”

Delilah did what was asked in the note and went to the portal. The wind sucked her back into the stormy weather and what used to be her utopia. She looked in the sky and there was his face. The face she fell in love with and still couldn’t help but love.

“Goodbye, silly Delilah”

Samson vanished and Delilah continued sobbing Forever.

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