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Exercise Should Be An Important Part Of The Lives Of Young People

How often do you exercise? This a topic that has a lot of controversies, there are different opinions and many believe that young people are pushed too hard, trying to balance education and maintaining a healthy social life and others think that there are too many alternatives available to the younger generations, that contributes to their daily activities. These are just a few views that we will be looking at later. Firstly, it is a well-known fact that young people who are regularly active, perform better academically and have a positive attitude. Exercise is encouraged because of this and it has been proven that when you exercise it releases chemicals that improve your mood.

Even game creators have seen the potential in helping young people exercise by creating the Nintendo Wii – a game console that interacts and uses the user’s movement. People recommend exercise so much because it not only keeps you healthy but teaches you a lot too. Many sports involve being in a team and learning to work in a team is a key thing to learn as you grow up, as well as teaching young people commitment and wanting to improve their abilities. It is very important that good habits are set when people are young because they are carried on through to their adult life and the importance of health and a good diet should not be ignored.

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However, some might argue that young people have too much to deal with and couldn’t possibly fit in the exercise too. With young people having to make choices about career paths as young as thirteen or fourteen, then having to do GCSE exams which the preparation for starts a year or so before, they have lots of work on their hands. Young people have busy social lives also, trying to find a balance between their education and life outside of school is not easy. It leaves them struggling to have a normal schedule and routine, many find it stressful and difficult to organize themselves never mind make decisions on what is more important – than homework that is for tomorrow ? or going with everyone to that new movie and think about the consequences later.

As if that isn’t enough to deal with, many young people have a job that provides them with money to keep up with their own social lives and because they can only work hours that they are not in school, it leaves them with very little free time. Thinking about exercise and a healthy diet is the last thing on their minds. They might either have no free time or are too exhausted or overwhelmed to try and plan an exercising schedule. Too many young people, exercise is of little importance when they have everything else to juggle in their lives. Nevertheless, some believe that if young people accepted that exercise is a necessity for their future, it would reduce and prevent illness in the long run. If so, then the government would be saving money on health care costs. It is at a dangerous level how many young people are becoming obese as they get older. Currently, there are around 700,000 young people obese in the UK.

The figures will continue to grow unless young people are continually taught at a young age how important exercising is. It is estimated that it is costing the UK around �6 billion to deal with the problems that come with young people being overweight. This is a huge number that I think could be prevented. If young people exercised at a young age and followed through as a habit, think how this money could be used otherwise. The amount of money needed for obesity caused illnesses is expected to get even higher and even more young people will have to tackle obesity. On the other hand, young people shouldn’t be forced into vigorous exercising and activities too young. This could damage them mentally and physically. They should only be doing fun, light exercises or fun activities and not be put into serious exercising. It could lead to young people being put off exercising as they get older because it was forced so much upon them when they were young and because they didn’t enjoy it.

Exercising could become an obsession where they are encouraged so much to exercise that from a young age they believe it is compulsory. The outcome of this could be a health-obsessed generation which would cause many problems and while the amount of money spent on the problems of obesity might be reduced but the amount of money spent on helping young people with health disorders like anorexia. Finally, you could also argue that young people would be more motivated to take part in exercise if they were more aware of the consequences. Young people do not take as much notice of health warnings and advice because they do not suffer immediate consequences if they don’t exercise regularly.

The consequences and bad health doesn’t become obvious until a later time therefore it is a different consequence than for example not doing homework. I think more authoritative people should motivate young people and the benefits of exercise should be more clear so that young people understand. To conclude, I agree with the statement to a certain extent, but I believe it’s more important for young people to be made aware of the importance of regular exercise. I also think that young people should not be pushed or forced into exercise because there is a lot they have to deal with but to find an appropriate balance.

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