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Excessive Spending on Pro Athelete Salaries

Sports, one of the oldest activities humans participate in can be traced back thousands of years, but only recently has it emerged as a problem that affects everyone regardless of if they follow or even like them. Today the average worker in Canada earns about 45-thousand dollars per year. Compared to the salaries professional athletes make it is a minuscule amount. The average professional athlete makes at least 100-thousand dollars a year and some of them don’t even play a single game for their team. Athletes make more on average then professionals from many other fields such as medicine and law.

These ludicrous salaries leave repercussions and impacts on their path. These repercussions and impacts land on the laps of millions of taxpayers across the world. In today’s world of money equals power finance, these athletes have a stranglehold on the media and many impressionable people, especially children.

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The jobs that propel our country through everyday life such as medicine, have rules and regulations when it comes to salaries. A doctor who can work over 300 days per year has a cap on his salary that falls not much higher than the average athlete’s salary. These specialists work together to make the world a better place to live in. Athletes on the other hand do not help the world, all they do is satisfy a want. The professionals, on the other hand, satisfy the needs of people, whether it is surgery or a lawsuit. People can learn to adapt without sports, but it would be nearly impossible for a community to function properly without doctors.

Another problem with athlete’s million-dollar salaries is that the money used to pay them comes out of the pocket of the taxpayer. Not only are ticket prices ridiculous, but once inside the stadium both food and merchandise have extra taxes. Maybe athletes should pump some of the money they make back into the economy to make the spectator sporting experience less costly. Athletes should be responsible for helping to fund stadiums, and by giving more money to charity.

One of the main problems in today’s world is a child being influenced in the wrong way. Some of the bad influences arrive from snooty professional athletes that disregard the impact they make. Sports stars like Mike Tyson, Marty McSorley and Darryl Strawberry all have committed indictable offences. Do you want your children growing up to be drug users, rapists or to make a living hurting people? Children can not avoid these influences because they are throughout the media staring at them.

In conclusion, pro athletes make ridiculous sums of money that would be spent better elsewhere. Not only do athletes abuse their privileges, but they also look at them as if they are a right. What is the world coming to when athletes are paid huge amounts of money to have a negative effect on the community that depends on them?

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