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Evaluate the Advantages and Disadvantages of Globalisation around the World

In this essay I will evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of Globalisation around the World. I will also say what Globalisation is, and also give my opinion on Globalisation and TNC’s.

Globalization is basically the concept of spreading a company around the world, for example, Nike it started in one country then they spread to other countries and soon the demand grew larger and they had to build factories all over the world to meet that demand. Some people may like this idea as they make money out of this, but some may disagree and not like this idea like workers in poor countries (LEDC’s) as they are getting ripped off by the company which they work for.

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There are some groups who may think Globalisation is a bad thing but there are many groups who think Globalisation is a great thing. The most well-known of these groups are Transnational Companies (TNC’s), LEDC Governments, MEDC Governments, Workers around the world, Economists and The World Trade Organisation.

TNC’s think Globalisation is a good thing because the workers are cheap in LEDC’s to work in their factories, which means more profit is made and this also causes their market grow larger. LEDC Governments also say Globalisation is a good thing as the TNC’s give their people jobs and wages which will help their economy. They also need this to export resources, which they couldn’t do before. MEDC Governments are also in favour of Globalisation as they like to see their companies doing good business overseas. It spreads the country’s influence. When the TNC’s come here the MEDC’s get jobs. From that they can collect taxes on the profits.

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Workers around the world also agree with Globalisation as some of them get management jobs in their TNC’s and they get good pay. Economists also agree with Globalisation because when the TNC’s open factories and branches in poor countries it helps the country to develop, so this mean it this means it helps the country as well as the workers. The World Trade Organisation is another group which agree with Globalisation, they agree because when the companies move around freely and export and import freely it breaks the barriers between nations and it gives them a good choice of the products.

Globalisation is not always a good thing it has also got a down side to it is well as some groups may agree such as Politicians, LEDC workers, MEDC workers, Environmentalists, Economists and the people of the world.

Politicians are against the idea as TNC’s are rich, they come into any country and do as they please and when they get a better deal elsewhere they will go immediately and no one will be able to stop them. Workers in LEDC’s are anger as they think that the TNC’s don’t care about people and only care about the profits. They use the workers for cheap labour and if they find a cheaper labour somewhere else then they’ll move on. Most of the jobs the workers do are badly paid and they’re not learning skills that will help them in the future. Workers in MEDC’s are also angry as Globalisation is affecting their jobs, as factories are moving to countries where wages are lower and they’re left unemployed.

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Environmentalists are against it as some LEDC’s don’t have strong caves to protect the environment as TNC’s go there and ruin it. They pollute the air and water with toxic chemicals, which they wouldn’t get away with a home. Economists are also against it as TNC’s move most of their profits back home, so they don’t help the countries where they have branches. They move the TNC’s where there is paid less tax. LEDC’s need their own industries but they can’t with the TNC’s competing with them. Finally, the people of the world are also against it because parents think their children are getting spoilt, as there are baseball caps and jeans everywhere and fast food or fizzy drinks.

In my opinion, Globalisation can be a bad thing as well as a good thing. It can be good for workers who are unemployed and companies that want to make money. It can be a bad thing for poor countries as they exploit the workers and abandon the people if they find somewhere else which is cheaper.

To Summarise it I think it can be a bad thing for some groups of people but it can also be good this for other groups of people.

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