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Essay on Irish Religion

Great victories are sometimes won by small battles. In Ireland, there has been an ongoing religious battle between the Protestants and the Catholics for hundreds of years. These battles result in shootings, bombings and other deaths. But the most horrific thing is that the children of Ireland help in the death of their enemies. There are also other battles that are much smaller but most definitely going towards a Hugh cause. These little battles are for peace between the two religious sides in both adolescent and adult ages. In the novel “Twelfth Day of July” and the movie “Children in the Crossfire” these little battles are shown.

In the video “Children in the Crossfire”, there were two church leaders one Protestant and the other a catholic. These two ministers organized a program where they would get Protestant and Catholic children and send them to a country, which did not have too much religious hold around the people, in this case, they were sent to America. The aim of this program was to put a protestant boy in a house with a catholic boy for six months and to get the result of them having a close relationship with each other by the time they came back to Ireland. The point, in the long run, was to try and stop the violence in the children’s generation, so when they grew up and they were the parents they would not teach their children to dislike the other religion. With this happening, they would gain some peace between the two religious sides.

This happens in “Children in the Crossfire”, two boys are sent to America and hosted by a family with mixed religions; Protestant and Catholic so it was just like the two boys and it shows how two of the opposite can still get along. While the two boys are in America they are getting along quite well for a while until an incident in Ireland where there was a bombing which was on TV and the two boys started to fight. The father that was hosting the two boys came out and tried to break up the fight, but he could not so he pushed them into the pool. After the boys had had the fight they agreed to be good and enjoy America while they are still here. After that, it was smooth running for the two of them and they made a very good relationship with each other while in America. When the two came back from America they had a reunion a short while after, but one of the boys did not want to go but then he thought of the relationship that he had with the other boy when he was in America and he left his friends to go to the reunion.

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In the novel “The Twelfth Day of July”, the first bit of obvious dislike to the other religion is in the first few chapters where the parents are teaching their children to celebrate their victories against the other religion and to put down their defeat. In this book, there are two main families. These two families are different religions, one is Protestant and the other is Catholic. Further conflict occurs between the two families when the Twelfth Day of July celebrations draw near. It starts with painting the Protestant’s wall, and then of course there has to be a repayment of their wrong doings or revenge. The Protestants paint the Catholic wall and in doing this one of them is captured. They do not hurt this person but release them. As you can see there is quite a bit of tension between teenagers and their religions.

In the long run, the only way these teenagers realize what they doing is when one of them gets hit in the head by a brick and the person that gets hit is a younger sister that was not apart of the battle between the groups of teenagers. This is an odd way to win a battle between the religions but in the long run, two of the two teenagers fall into a deep relationship with each other. This just shows if everyone could solve their small battles between each other (without injury) then we could have a chance that we would eventually have peace.