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Essay on How to Behave in Class

A classroom is a learning environment and should be treated as such. It is not a place to talk with your friends by whispering, using cellphones or drawing on the tables. By making so much noise and moving around a lot, you disrupt classmates. At times it is hard enough just to pay attention in class, especially if the topic that is being taught is boring.

When the teacher comes into the room stand then sit down again. It is suggested to listen to the teacher and to answer the questions that are made in class.  As soon as you do not understand something you should not be afraid and you may put up your hands and ask for extra help.  You should not disrupt the teacher or your friends.  If at the end of the class you still do not understand you should ask the teacher for extra help.  You must not eat in class or use mobile phones because you won´t pay attention and you won´t succeed in learning. If you want to learn to stay focused, keep your eyes on your teacher or on the blackboard. If you look around the classroom, the teacher may feel that you aren’t paying attention to the lesson. Come to class well-prepared. Be sure to bring any materials that you will need for class, including paper, pens, pencils and your book. If your teacher asks you to bring something specific to class, be sure to bring the things to class because if not you will fail the teacher. In spite of your desire to talk, you must not talk unless your teacher gives you permission.

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Stay in your seat during class. Raise your hand and ask your teacher for permission if you need to leave your seat for any reason. Once given permission to leave your seat, exit your seat or the classroom quietly causing as little disruption as possible. Show your teacher respect. Listen to your teacher when she is talking and follow all directions your teacher gives you. Tell your friends before class that you’re not going to get in trouble. They may laugh. However, if you really want to behave, just ignore it. Sit away from people that will distract you. As a consequence, you will get in trouble. Try your best to concentrate on what the teacher is saying. Be involved in class discussions and give intelligent answers. If your teacher advises you one time about your behaviour, you will have to respect the decision and behave well the rest of the hour. Treat the teacher with respect. Sometimes you have a personality conflict, and you just can’t bring yourself to feel respect for the teacher. You can´t control how you feel, however you can control what we do.

We can treat other people in a polite and civil manner, even if we don’t particularly care for them. Specifically, you can do your best to sit in your seat when you get into the classroom, be prepared to learn when the bell rings, and not interrupt when he or she is talking, or you are supposed to be working. Also, if you have a “nice” or “fun” teacher, he or she is doing that to make the class more enjoyable for you. Do not confuse that with “this class is just a joke, so let’s fool around all the time.” That is a sure-fire recipe for detention, or worse. Also, treat the other students with respect. True, it may be a more relaxed kind of respect, but it respects none the less. Don’t shove, hit, yell at, or throw things at your friends. Keep your hands, and other body parts, to yourself. Do not bully. Many bullies are themselves victims of bullying. Try to remember how you felt when you were bullied, and make an effort not to keep the cycle going. If you can’t seem to stop, try to find help. Keep this up for the whole class period and you will find you can behave well and learn quite a lot!

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