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Essay on a Woman’s Right to Choose Abortion

The topic of abortion is a hot subject among the people of America today. Some say yes, women should be able to have abortions no matter if the fetus is in the first trimester or well into the second trimester of gestation. On the other hand, other people say that it is the murder of a child no matter the stage of development.

Many of the people that believe that the fertilized ovum is a human and has a soul at conception are pro-life people. They believe this because of their religious beliefs. The pro-lifers have been taught through their religion that as soon as the sperm connects with the egg, the soul enters the body and the egg is then a human, even though it has no ability to move, think, speak, listen, or smell. The concept of the soul entering the body at conception is a religious belief. It has no way of being detected through scientific means.

Pro-life individuals are generally conservative people who are against the idea of abortion. Morals teach us that an individual conceived is alive and to endanger an individual in a mother’s womb is against the moral teachings that they have been taught. They usually believe in Christian principles. They believe that the government does not have the right to allow a person to abort a fetus. Famous conservatives and activists for pro-life include Jesse Helms, George W. Bush, and Pat Buchanan. There have been many debates and even some television shows that refute this topic. One specific person that always goes against it is Pat Robertson. He has donated a whole television program to anti-abortion and anti-liberalism. As in all debates, there has to be a pro side, unfortunately, these close-minded people have made the wrong decision.

Pro-choice is anyone who feels women have the individual right to choose abortion as an option. We live in a democracy, where we have the right to choose how we live. It is a woman’s right to choose to have a child or to abort it. It is not as if women get pregnant for the specific reason to have an abortion. Some people feel there is always a legitimate reason behind her actions. Who is to say that if all children ever conceived were born they would live happy, healthy lives? There are plenty of commercials on television proving that the world is full of starving children. So should we add to the population of starving children? For many women, the choice could be related to their own health. Is it selfish to want to live a healthy life? Women have the right to choose their own life over a child they would never see if they went through with the birth. The birth of a child is beautiful, no questions asked.

However, we are only human, and it is normal to be scared. Pregnancy can be a scary and extremely stressful time in a women’s life. To force a woman who is not ready for a child to go through with birth is not the answer. Stress is not good for the fetus at all and could lead to complications in the pregnancy, or even a miscarriage. People seem to forget about a women’s mental health in these situations. A woman could be haunted for her lifetime by giving birth to an unborn child.

Also if she knows there are complications with the fetus, she has the right to abort it. She may not have the money to raise a handicapped child, or the stability in her life to handle that kind of situation. Therefore, an abortion could be the only answer. Of course, the argument of adoption comes up. Then again, the women out there with no health insurance cannot go give birth in a hospital and be expected to pay for it. It is also likely that she did not receive any prenatal care, so the health of the baby could be at risk.

All mothers want their children to live happy, healthy lives. It could be torture for a woman to see her child be deprived of that due to a handicap. Plus the severity of some handicaps could only allow a child to live a short amount of time, not even living into their teenage years. Should a mother see her child struggle to live every day, only to know they are not going to win their battle? It’s not fair to the child to do this. If a woman knows, while she is still pregnant that this is going to happen, then she can always choose to abort the fetus.

This choice may not save the child, but it could save the women’s mental health. She may have another opportunity to have another child, which could work out for the best. Couples who have a handicapped child may never have more children because they need all their attention on the handicapped child. Therefore, if the woman aborts a defected fetus she may have the possibility of having a healthy child later on.

It is understandable how people can disagree with abortion. Babies are miracles in themselves and any parent knows that. However, we are only human, and we all have the right to choose how we live. If having a child would only make one’s life worse, then giving birth may not be the answer. A woman, as well as a man, must consider all aspects of their lives to agree to have a child. It is not easy to be a mother, or father, and a person must realize that before having children. Though abortion may seem unfortunate, it may all be for the better.

Therefore, people must open their minds a little to accept this. Abortion is a serious subject and anyone who considers it must be rational, and realistic about his or her overall decision. It is not easy for the people who do go through with it, yet the pro-life believers seem to think it is. It is a major life decision, and whatever the final choice may be, it will most definitely affect the rest of the person’s life.

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