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Essay about Tennis Story

Frost leaned back against the towering oak tree, a soft breeze murmuring all around her, rustling through the leaves above. Dark hair tumbled down sun-kissed shoulders framing a stern yet lovely cherub face. She possessed an angelic quality in the peaceful way she slept. She drew long steady breaths. Behind closed eyes buried memories played out in her mind, pulling forth both comforting and painful emotions.

Her earliest memories were diverse and unclear. Warm evening suppers with forgotten parents soothed her. All that she was sure of was that one night she laid tucked lovingly beneath her hand-stitched quilt. A dark man came calling; muffled thuds broke the night silence below her, followed by her mothered screams. Frost had escaped through her window, climbed down and she hid in the shrubs by the forest. The dark man and his army had burned her village to the ground, horse hooves and war cries echoing through the flames.

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Soldiers, with menacing swords, clutched tightly in their chubby fists, had wandered near where the five-year-old was crouched. At first, she sat frozen with fear hearing their heavy making steps. The instant the sword poked through the bush she broke into a run, leaving the bloody ruins of Seles behind. She ran for hours stumbling over logs and twigs matting her hair. She ran until a gentle pair of talons plucked her from the ground and lifted her from the urth. A scream escaped her dry throat then all became black.

When she awoke Frost had been frightened, it took her weeks to adjust to Fehybrand the dragon who had rescued her. He raised her among the other dragons treating her like one of his own; he became her mentor and taught her how to fight. Every now and then he would show her a useful magic trick.

When she became sixteen, he gave her a jewel he had recovered from the rubble of her home. Fehybrand had used one of his powerful spells to customize it especially for her. The jewel that had once belonged to her mother was a brilliant shade of pale blue. She learned how to use it to enhance her powers and transform her into a winged warrior known as a dragoon. Later on she learned how to use the jewel to sense evil, other dragons, and dragoons. “;”100″;”392″;”1012879684″;”29713″;”8”
“jztnicedave”;”Persuasive Essay On Tennis In Schools”;”Tennis is the most important, successful and popular sport in Ecuador. Colegio Americano has been known for its success in the practice of sports. It is not only my opinion but also that of many other fellow students that Colegio Americano is missing the practice of a very important game: tennis. Although there is a tennis court in the school, it is in bad conditions. Training of this sport is not taken seriously, even though there are many students who play the sport at high competitive levels. Colegio Americano should impose tennis lessons; it’s a very popular sport, less expensive than other practised in school and safer for students, too.

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You must first consider that tennis is a very popular sport. Not only popular but also successful. Tennis academies in the city and the rest of Ecuador have more students than many other sports academies. Surveys say that an average of 100 students prepares themselves daily for tennis in these academies. Probably the only sport that could compete with a greater amount of students is soccer. At Colegio Americano we practice basketball, baseball, football, table tennis and even hockey. These are all great sports, but compared to tennis, they all fail to achieve popular predilection. In school, many students practice tennis, and their practice is only recognized during certain special days of the year. When this happens it is easy to see that those tennis students that are called to receive recognition for their tennis training, outnumber students that practice other sports by a large quantity.

Is popularity that important? Probably not, but, you must understand that tennis popularity comes along with the great success of tennis players in the country. After all, it is thanks to many great Ecuadorian tennis players that the sport got its popularity. Who in this country can forget the great accomplishments of Andres Gomez, once number one tennis player in the world? Who can miss a game played by our own Nicolas Lapentti, another great player that has achieved to be between the top ten players in the world? Ecuador has a very competitive level of tennis training which is not fully supported. Success in tennis is possible in this country, but only if tennis begins to be taught in schools. For Colegio Americano, sports achievements could be a way to persuade more parents into putting their sons in this school. As you can see, this could not only help in the development of Ecuador and new country leaders but also in financial issues. It is of great importance that Colegio Americano adds tennis lessons to their education plans.

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Tennis is less expensive than other sports in Colegio Americano’s program. The cost of maintaining two soccer fields is much greater than the cost of maintaining two tennis courts in acceptable conditions. Tennis balls cost less than footballs, too. Racquets seem to be expensive, but if bought correctly, the costs could be compared to that of a poor computer laboratory. Consider that those low-quality computers obtained by the school were bought at an approximated price of 500 U.S. dollars each, while a high-quality tennis racquet costs around 100 U.S. dollars. Colegio Americano has already updated to new computers this year, why not buy tennis equipment instead of more computers? The institution has the economic possibilities to buy such equipment, and it should for the remunerations are worth it.

Tennis is also safer, and develops discipline and concentration, too. Many other sports in the program require dangerous contact and risky moves. Football and hockey are two of these sports. Both require much more equipment for a safe play than Colegio Americano can purchase. Still, we play them. It is not necessary to say how many injuries such as sports cause. About 150,000 football players under the age of 16 in the U.S. each year, suffer from emergency injuries such as strains and sprains, shoulder and knee injuries. ( Tennis is such a safe sport that people over 60 are advised to play it. Colegio Americano should be willing to include a sport that would eliminate these risks. Tennis is also a sport that would develop discipline and concentration abilities.

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In tennis, inadequate behaviour is totally unaccepted by the rules. It is also famous for its great difficulty and psychological demands. Famous psychologist and writer John Murray, PhD states, “Playing regular tennis is fun, but we often overlook the many psychological advantages that enrich not only our experiences on the court, but overall functioning and competitiveness off the court as well.” ( Tennis requires enormous focus and control that, according to this famous doctor, provide “increased self-esteem, self-sufficiency, improved quality of life, a distraction from daily hassles, changes in brain neurotransmitters, increased oxygen consumption, and better blood flow in the brain.” ( Colegio Americano should add this sport to its program, it helps its objectives, to impose discipline and develop concentration in students.

As you can see, tennis is required in Colegio Americano, not only because it is a popular and successful sport in our country or because of its low costs, but also for its psychological and health benefits in students. Many other schools in Quito, like La Condamine, have applied to a tennis program with great success. Colegio Americano has to follow. You must understand that it is not only an important change, it is a necessary change. Without it, Colegio Americano might fall behind other institutions. This is only one step ahead of the development of great leaders in our country.

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