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Essay About My Writing Experience

As a student, I’ve learned about so much stuff. Some of it was easy and some of it a little difficult but the hardest thing for me has always been writing. I’ve never been a strong writer but my third, eighth and eleventh-grade years were the most important because I learned how to write sentences to paragraphs, paragraphs to pages, and pages to 5-10 page papers.

In my third-grade year, I learned the basics of writing. How to write sentences, grammar marks, and punctuation marks. This year was important to me because it was basically the intro to writing. The teacher had to be good because she knew we would be writing for the rest of our life. She made writing very interesting and fun for my class. She picked various subjects that she thought would be interesting and fun for a third-grader at the time. At times they were but some were very boring. She also knew we would have to take writing essays in fifth grade so she had to show us various writing techniques that we would be good at.

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In eighth grade, it was a very fun year. I still remember my teacher Mr. Gonzalez who made my class so fun and interesting. He was by far one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He was chill and laid back but at the same, he taught us. He made us do freewriting in a journal every day for two minutes. It was a great experience doing journals because it taught me how to think about a topic fast, and just start writing. By the end of the year, I was writing three hundred something words in two minutes. It was a great increase from the beginning of the year.

This was my year, my eleventh-grade year. I would have to take my PSAT and passes, and these test a little challenging to others. In English class, we would practice writing short stories and essays. Which to me were somewhat boring. I hated writing short stories I never knew what to write about and how to write them. They just gave me a big headache, but in order to pass the class, I would need to write them. So I really focused on brainstorming this year because I would need to write long papers and stories. I tried different techniques for brainstorming, but the two that helped me the most were the web and a list. My favourite of the two is the list because it’s easier for me to brainstorm faster with a lot of information.

In my past, it is clear that I have had difficulty with my writing experiences. Hopefully, this is something that I can overcome with proper guidance, and trial and error. I want to become a more experienced writer to benefit me in my future. With everything from job resumes to professional letters, writing will be a necessary aspect to my life. Although I do not intend to use writing every day of my life, I would like to have the ability to write something great when needed.

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