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Epistolary essay – Addressing the issue of Global warming through the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP)

Dear Mr. Banki Moon

I am writing to bring to light some concerns I have about the future of our world in relation to global warming. I know that that one of the hot topics your organization through UNEP (United nations environmental programme ) is currently grappling with is the issue related to greenhouse gases and how to reduce their effect both in the developed and developing countries. The paradox towards the fight against greenhouse gases is that industrialization is the key to the development of the economy in third world countries and developed.

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However, it is as a result of industrialization that greenhouse gases are threatening to bring our planet to extinction. This is because most greenhouse gases are emitted from industries and the burning of fossil fuels both in the urban and rural areas. The million-dollar question remains, will we compromise the future of our planet in the name of achieving economic prosperity through industrialization? Or will we compromise achieving economic prosperity in the name of saving the world for our future generation?

Your organization’s report on this issue of global warming is quite encouraging. Your report not only talks of taking stern actions but also includes setting up a price on the emission of greenhouse gases which will help mitigate the adverse effects of global. These actions is expected to affect the world’s economic prosperity but will significantly lower the effects of greenhouse gases on the environment says the report. However, despite these reports, little efforts have been made by UNEP to help in solving this issue of global warming

The report shows that if the issue of reducing global warming is given the seriousness that it deserves this would affect the world’s economy by 0.12 percent of the annual average growth by the year 2050. This is a risk that your organization should be more than willing to take in its effort to control global warming. Moreover, there is enough evidence to show that mitigation actions can bore near-term benefits such as improved health conditions due to reduction of pollution of air.

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One of the challenges toward the fight against global warming in both developed and developing countries is the lack of commitment by heads of state of these nations towards the fight against greenhouse gases. Despite the tremendous research that has been conducted by scientific bodies such as the IPCC some world leaders still remain skeptical over the causes of global warming. Some argue that that the world has been going through a normal shift in relation to temperature changes. It is even astonishing to note that even the former president of the U.S until recently questioned the issue of global warming.

It is in such light that your organization through the UNEP needs to echo the gravity of this matter to member nations in major international conferences such as the Bali conference. Moreover, the IPCC report further states that global warming is more rampant in developing countries. The reports indicate that those with poor economies are more vulnerable to the effects of climatic changes. Your organization via the UNEP has a greater mandate in helping to reduce global warming in third world countries through advocating for use of renewable sources of energy to curb the effect of greenhouse gases.

In both scenarios, the questions present quite a big dilemma to the UNEP office in trying to solve this issue of Global warming. It is apparently clear that the task force involved with solving the issue of global warming knows that the greenhouse gases are able to trap heat and cause the famous greenhouse effect which causes the rising of global temperatures. This is further worsened by human activities that in the recent past have been detrimental to the environment.

According to the UN report on climatic change through its constituent body IPCC(International Panel on Climatic Change) burning of solid waste and fossil fuels are some of the major causes of greenhouse gases. The report indicates that approximately 80 percent of carbon dioxide emissions into o the atmosphere comes from factories, businesses and automobile heat. This has further been worsened by human activities which include deforestation, mining and industrial production

This report further highlights how global warming is affecting the normal aspect of life. For instance, it has been recorded that birds are laying eggs earlier and butterflies are moving to higher lands. This shows that global warming, in the long run, can affect our ability in the future of obtaining food. As a matter of fact increase in precipitation which is caused by global warming has been feared to have devastating effects on the environment.

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Since the inauguration of the IPCC, your organization through UNEP has been monitoring the issue of global warming and searching for the best solutions for solving the issue

But so far little or no achievements have been made. In fact IPCC projections on the rise in temperature by 2.5 to 10.4 degrees between 1991-2100 have been echoed by other researchers in the meteorological field. According to Kelly Reed a researcher at the Environmental organization Greenpeace, the effects of global warming not only affect the global temperatures but also leads to an increase in floods, heatwaves, drought and more so increase in infectious diseases

Although it is the work of the world’s government to see to it the limit of greenhouse gas emissions, your organization still has the responsibility to see to it that global warming has been dealt with. For starters, your organization should think of advocating for member countries to plant genetically engineered plants that will be able to efficiently recycle carbon dioxide released in air. This means that there will be less carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere

Another option your organization can try out is that, since the UN organization is an international body, it can call for the member countries to replenish the water bodies bordering these countries with algae. This alga will be able to absorb carbon dioxide in these water bodies which covers quite a significant fraction of the earth’s surface

The use of renewable sources of energy has been depicted as the most efficient way of challenging the issue of global warming. Although expensive, the use of hydroelectric, solar energy and wind has been considered to reduce the number of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by far. Your organization can call for use of these renewable sources of energy and also offer solar panels to developing countries

Since your UNEP a constituent body of your organization was formed with aim of facilitating a shift towards the use of cleaner sources of energy and support towards sustainable development especially in developing countries, you can use this avenue as the Secretary-General of the organization to urge the governments of the member countries to pass laws to reduce emissions of greenhouses gases by factories. You can also call upon beneficiaries countries benefiting from your organization to form treaties with other neighbouring countries to binding limits on emissions of greenhouse gases.

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Additionally, the report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) can be really good ammunition to convince world leaders in drafting a global plan to act on the issue of global warming especially with the first approaching deadline of the Kyoto protocol which expires in late 2012. I believe if you give it a try maybe something good might come out of it


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