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Enthusiastic Approach to College Admissions

Ever since the beginning of high school, I’ve had future aspirations of attending The University of Maryland. Last year, I applied to the University of Maryland as a senior in high school and was denied acceptance. Instead of shying away from my goal, I decided to apply again after attending Montgomery College. I am determined to attend the University of Maryland because I feel that it has the most to offer me as an undergraduate student.

Maryland offers classes for a variety of majors and has a reputation for high-quality programs in the health and science fields that interest me. I have not declared a major at this time, but have been currently taking classes in English, biology, history, math, and art, to fulfill some of the basic graduation requirements.

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My current interests include health, fitness, and teaching. I pursued these interests during my senior year in high school through internships at the National Center for Therapeutic Riding and the Metro Orthopedic and Sports Therapy Center. I felt strongly that it would lead to a career in working with disabled individuals. The University of Maryland offers the undergraduate courses needed to pursue a career in physical therapy and related health professions.

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I will not only work hard for academic success but participate in extracurricular activities as well. Should I be accepted to Maryland, I will demonstrate my enthusiasm and support for my school by trying out for the Maryland Equestrian Team and Cheerleading squad.

I have been riding horses since I was eight years old. My weekly lessons lead to competing, leasing, and eventually purchasing my own horse. I have been training my thoroughbred gelding to do dressage, combined training, and to take me up to my “A” rating in Pony Club. Since I have owned him, we have completed three rating tests, competed in nationals for dressage, and plan to finish two more ratings before graduating at the highest rating of “A”.

I’m sure our hard work and dedication will bring success to the Maryland Equestrian Team. If I will be unable to use my own horse, I would be more than happy to participate on a school horse. Riding other horses has proved to be valuable in developing my riding and training skills.

Cheerleading is an amazing sport. I was a cheerleader through high school. And plan to continue cheerleading at the University of Maryland. The best thing about cheerleading is that you can support other sports teams and participate in one of your own at the same time. The sport of cheerleading involves heart, strength, agility and endurance. Cheerleaders also help to promote school spirit. School spirit unifies the school under a special bond, which makes for an encouraging academic environment this makes the sports teams proud to perform well for the loyal and supportive crowd of their peers.

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When I get accepted in to the University of Maryland I will be proud to represent this wonderful school through a successful undergraduate career. I hope to spread my enthusiastic attitude to others, therefore contributing to the positive atmosphere of this university.

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