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English Jane Eyre essay on her madness



Madness in this story has been portrayed through Bertha Mason. During the whole of the story Bertha has not been heard of or even her madness, however, the only thing in which gives us a clue to something suspicious is going on is the weird actions of Mr Rochester the bizarre event on when “as preternatural laugh as any I ever heard” hears ” or is involved in for example when she is looking after someone who is in a bad state but has no idea of who or what happened to this unknown guess.

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The burning of Rochester’s chambers is another outrageously unusual event and only Jane the innocent girl is there to help yet again. Throughout the whole of the play the tension is at a high as we now there is something going on but unsure to what exactly it is also Jane is worried as well “my pulse stopped: my heart stood still;” we only wait to the end when all are questions are answered.

Madness defined: lunacy: obsolete terms for legal insanity.

Jane’s tour around the house

Jane’s tour around the house is very spooky in a sentence because as she approaches the house the author uses the whether to create a dramatic entrance this technique is called a semantic field and is highly effect because you can almost guess of what the house is going to be like. The author describes the house as “the large front chambers” “narrow casement” “hundred years old” by using these phrases he created a sense of fear because the minute you hear this expression you instantaneously think old must be a haunted ghost and dead people and by creating that all the thoughts you create fear. When we enter the house and get a tour we hear repeated laughs, which to Jane are quite “preternatural” she asks Mrs. Fairfax she replies it is a servant, called Grace Poole.

During all of this, the author adds more fear due to a fact that there is an unknown laugh. However as Jane is walking about a door opens and “women of between thirty and forty; a set, square-made figure, red-haired, and with a hard, plain face;” walks out and Mrs. Fairfax said “too much noise, Grace” from this point we think this is Grace. The author adds more tension due to the fact that as Jane finds out or realizes things we do as well so we don’t know any more than Jane does.

By Nishan Jones

Mr. Rochester bedchamber is set alight

During the fire, a laugh was heard a “demoniac laugh-low, suppressed, and deep” this creates major fear factor due to a low demoniac laugh by using the word demoniac this is as if this person was possessed by the devil and by using a word relating to the devil is very scary in many peoples eyes and this is why the laugh creates a high fear factor. The laugh reveals that the person who did it must be possessed or mad or their mind must be in an appalling state of some sort.

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By using fire in the attack this shows the unknown assailant must have the power of some sort because fire is a creator of chaos a starter of war so for this person to use fire must show they have some madness or tension building up inside them “was that Grace Poole? And is she possessed with a devil”. At this point in the story, it is that there is something more to Grace Poole than just a red hair woman who makes too much noise and is a servant. In the story now there are questions that need answering and Jane needs to get to the bottom of this.

Mason gets attacked

Before Jane approaches the door to find an unknown person lying helpless drench in blood Mr Rochester asked “you don’t turn sick at the sight of blood?” this would of painted pictures in Jane’s head is it, Grace Poole? Is it a dead person? Is the whole room covered in blood? Throughout mason getting operated on he let out murmurs there and here “she bit me, she worried me like a tigress” by using these types of words and phrases it’s almost like an animal did this but the only thing that worries you more is when Mason says ‘She’ so now we now all these animal-like tactics, this vicious attack was done by a female human! “She looked so quiet at first” it’s almost like this female has to personality or is even mad?

Or she could be out for revenge. “She sucked the blood: she said she’d drain my heart” these are words you would only hear from a mad person who has been treated badly. At this point of the play it can not be Grace Poole because we have seen her and she does not look that mad at all and is sure can not be Mrs. Fairfax because she is too kind so who else is in the house that no one is mentioning to me about, these thoughts must be running through Jane’s head.

In my conclusion on my thoughts of who or what type of what this person is to be I think she must be made of some sort because these actions are savage dog-like actions, no normal person would do in fact an angry person would not conduct something like this. Angry people don’t bite, drain blood, these are vampire-like conducts but as we know there is no such thing as vampires so it can only be a mad person.

Nishan Jones

Ruining Jane’s wedding veil

The ripping of Jane’s veil implicates that whoever did it must have some hatred of Jane but really who would rip some ones veil? No one would no one apart from someone who is mad. A veil is a part of a dress you wear on your wedding day “rent it in two parts” and a wedding day is said to be the most beautiful days “and flinging both to the ground” of someone’s life and who in the right mind ruin something like that “trampled on them”, the only answer is a mad person. The description Jane gave “women, tall and large, with thick and dark hair hanging long down her back” however these descriptions sound of someone perfectly normal, on the other hand, it changes to a vivid description of someone who is vampire-like and mad. “Red eyes and the fearful blackened inflation of the lineaments”.

Also descriptions of someone who has been beaten up or retrained for having a mad fit. “Lips swelled and dark; the brow furrowed”. Then the unknown individual according to Jane started to act weird. “It drew aside the window-curtains and looked outside” the are antics of an extraordinary female, why on earth would you look outside late at night the reason is that she is mad. Jane must b getting scared at this point “the fiery eye glared upon me” and jut before she loses consciousness “she thrust up her candle close to my face, an extinguished it under my eyes”. These actions are or someone who is sure to be insane mad can not describe these conducts.

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Wedding day and the revelation of bertha mason

Throughout the play, the tension was through at a high because of the risk of Bertha Mason getting found. Dramatic tension is created at the climax of the play due to the fact that you don’t know how Jane is going to react to how Bertha looks and who tells on Rochester. Jane’s description of Bertha was quite straightforward and a vivid description “the maniac bellowed: she parted her shaggy locks from her visage, and gazed wildly at her visitors” and “purple face”. This description clearly shows that Bertha is mad because if it was a perfectly normal person there hair would be neat and a normal sane person does not glaze wildly at visitors.

As soon as Jane enters Bertha is fine looks ok but then she switches Bertha calls Jane a “puto” and from there it kicks off like Bertha has just been possessed by the devil and starts fight madly and goes crazy Jane must be quite tensed not knowing what to do and might feel out of place. Even doe Bertha was mad Mr. Rochester still had feelings for her and didn’t want to hurt Bertha “he could have settled her with a well-planted blow, but he would not strike: he would only wrestle”. This all adds to tension due to the fact that Rochester still has feelings for Bertha but also loves Jane so it is a twister.

Rochester’s history and the story of his marriage

In the days madness was seen as a shameful thing most people would send their own relatives to a mental institute or even disown them in the worst case even kill their own family members. As Mr. Rochester was married to Bertha he still had feelings for her this is proven due to him having her in his own attic getting look after. It is hard for him to keep her a secret.

However, he was trick into marrying her because when he actually got married Bertha was ok but as time went on the madness got worst and worst and eventually was fully insane. We know a few things about Bertha we know she’s Creole, which implicates she’s foreign and we know her madness only runs on the mother’s side. We know that Mr. Rochester was very angry about hi being trick and getting his wedding ruined with Jane almost becoming his official wife.

He uses remarks as “she came of a mad family;-idiots and manic through three generations!” which implicates clearly that he is very angry due to the fact he is cursing upon his owns mother in law which is quite clear to us he must be irritated that he’s been tricked. After the cursing he starts going prejudices “her mother, the Creole, was both a madwoman and a drunkard!” and using words like “manic” it is fairly clear he thinks every mad is a manic or a drunkard which implicates that his temper is getting the better of him because who in the right mind would curse the mother in law and wife moderately offensive.

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Jane’s return and how Thornfield hall is burnt down

I think Bertha set the place on fire for the reason that she realized that the longer the place was about the longer Mr Rochester would meet new people and try and cheat on Bertha like in the same way Rochester did with Jane so the only way to stop Rochester was to burn down the place. I would like also like to include that because Bertha wanted to be seen heard because no one knows about her and so if she burns down the house Mr. Rochester would have to put Bertha some were and everyone would find out.

The fire stands for passion in this relationship even doe Bertha is mad she can still have feeling it just means that it might come out in a different way. Mr. Rochester must not see this and must see this as insanity at its worse. My personal opinion is that I don’t think the fire is linked with madness I think it is linked with passion and I think that Bertha deeply loved Rochester but he didn’t realize that and blamed all Bertha’s actions on madness.

My Conclusion

I think that the attack on mason was a definite portray of madness because the way she attacked him “she bit me” this is a clear sign of madness for a woman to bite another human is crazy I understand if she slapped him but to bite him is almost savage dog-like and dogs are associated with crazy and crazy is associated with mad.

“She worried me like a tigress” this is madly insane for a guy to get scared by his own sister in such a crazy way that he associates her with a tigress, this clear implicates she’s because to worry someone like a tigress shows she is wild and yet again will replicate mad.

“She sucked the blood” only vampires do such things for a woman to do this is the next level because why do you suck blood this obvious that she has madness because you have to be made to suck another human’s blood.

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