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Effectiveness of Nautica’s Advertising Campaigns

I found this print ad on the September issue of Maxim magazine. The reason why it was published in this magazine is that Maxim is a popular Men’s magazine that has a lot of regular subscribers. Maxim is written for young, professional men who are confident, intelligent, everyday people. It serves as both a fun and informative publication, delivering a healthy balance of accessible service with a humorous tone.

Editorial features include articles on women, food, work, sports, fashion, and sex. Even women read this magazine so it is unfair to say that only men read it. While browsing through its pages I saw a lot of marketing gimmicks by companies enticing consumers to buy their products. Some border on the outrageous side, while others attempt to attract by evoking images of simple yet powerful images. This is what caught my eye when I saw the ad for Nautica.

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What do a famous model-actress and a regular looking guy have in common? According to the latest Nautica ad, they prefer the same brand of clothing. In a visually stunning yet simple ad, Nautica combines a beautiful celebrity and an average looking guy in Nautica clothing, creating a very effective, persuasive ad. Not only does the ad imply sensational living through clothing, it appeals to a reader’s desire for sex, achievement, autonomy, and prominence, through the picture it uses.

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From the very first glance at Nautica Jean’s ad, the viewer is immediately overcome with a singularity of image placing a celebrity and an average person on the same page as common, everyday citizens. Different styles, colours, and status of people and clothing exist, but the ad encourages people to make no distinction between them because they are side by side. As a result, the consumer is coerced into visualizing themselves in those clothes, wearing the most casual t-shirt and jeans of Shannon Elizabeth. The idea that a celebrity shares the same taste in clothing with you is certainly very attractive and truly, it is implied, Nautica clothes are for anyone, even the rich and famous.

Celebrities are used in the ad to create a feeling of prominence, affluence, and achievement. Almost everyone wishes they could look, or at least dress, like someone famous. Nautica advertisers allow readers to think they can. Throwing on Nautica jeans worn by Shannon Elizabeth makes you feel much more powerful. Donning a shirt worn by Shannon Elizabeth creates feelings of beauty and sexiness.

Even Nautica’s line of casual clothing worn by this sexy actress can transfer qualities of the actress to anyone wearing what she wears. The fact is that people want to feel successful and prominent as celebrities. Nautica Jeans Company can allegedly help create that feeling.

At the same time, however, the ad can be interpreted to promote feelings of autonomy and the need to be the nurtured, all at once. Initially, it is difficult to see how an ad with just two people in it could appeal to autonomous desires. However, upon closer examination, all these images are completely separate and alone.

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This single photo represents a different lifestyle; just as yours, life varies from everyone else’s. Wearing Nautica clothing allows you to be your own person. However, the ad almost beckons the reader to join this Nautica image model that includes beautiful celebrities, and you. All you have to do is buy some of their clothing and you’re in. Considering you are sharing a name-brand with a sexy, attention-grabbing person, there is really no reason not to.

Sex does sell, after all, and so does the idea that wearing a particular brand of clothing will place you at the center of attention. Collectively, this ad appeals sexually to both men and women as a result of the attractive images used. Basically, the ad suggests that men want women who dress in Nautica clothing and vice versa.

This is achieved by using people clearly labeled as sex objects (Shannon Elizabeth). Furthermore, these people are always in the public eye attracting attention, and they all wear Nautica clothing. Perhaps then, if you wear Nautica clothing you will be considered a sex object, always in the limelight; a concept certainly addressed through the use of ordinary, everyday people in the ad. After all, Nautica clothing is for anyone doing anything.

What do the people in the ad have in common? If they were naked they would probably share almost nothing. However, dressed in Nautica clothing they allow themselves to be just like one another, like anyone who chooses to wear this particular name-brand of clothing. The ad allows the viewer to identify with images of people in the picture which inspire feelings of autonomy, the need to be nurtured, and the need for sex, independence, and success.

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People would love to possess the same characteristics as the famous model /actress. Nautica clothing allows that to happen. These various emotions and images is what Nautica wants to convey to people who see their ads. Hoping that it would make people go to stores, look for their products and buy Nautica brands to satisfy their need to feel good while wearing it.

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