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Dyadic Encounter Essay

My partner was Mohammed Amine Khaldi. Our encounter took place in a common room in the school. We choose there because it was nice and quiet, that way we could talk and better understand each other without distraction. During the conversation we had, we completed the entire exercise easily. We didn’t skip any questions; even though, sometimes we were very surprised by certain questions. at times we felt uncomfortable describing to each other how we were feeling every five minutes. But we did because we knew there was a reason for the questions to be there and we knew it was part of an exercise.

When we first began I wasn’t really nervous. But it kinda seems to me that my partner was. I knew it would be a fun exercise because I was going to get the chance of learning more about someone else. We tried to make this exercise as fun and interesting as possible by asking questions, and not just asking them but getting deeper into them. We tried to find out as much as possible of each other by doing this exercise. I got to learn more about Mohammed while he was in the middle of the self-disclosure process. we made the conversation very interesting by disclosing the self, revealing unknown information. The person revealing new information has total control over the level of excitement in the conversation.

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Another point is the listener has the ability to give accurate feedback to the person revealing unknown information. I encountered some anxiety when I had to answer broad questions such as, “the thing I like best about you is” maybe telling this to someone else would’ve been a little more comfortable, but when it comes to telling someone you don’t know it feels a little weird. Also, the thing about these questions is it was very hard to answer those questions in such a short period of time. The problem in this kind of situation is that you have to be very fast and specific. If we had all the time in the world and if it would have been someone I knew in a long time then, I would tell my partner what I like best about them.

What made this assignment easy, was the fact that there was no right or wrong . it was just an assignment that applied to everyone differently, according to how they live life; and what are their believes about certain things. Regarding the level of disclosure information, I believe we disclosed the same level of personal Information, which Probably made our encounter so interesting. Throughout the whole conversation, my partner provides positive feedback. It automatically made it entertaining. The insight I gain from the interpersonal communication process was the ability to notice the changing of people’s attitudes during different moments of the conversation.

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