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Drug Abuses in America Growing at Alarming Rates

Drug abuse in America used to be a very bad thing, but now it’s pretty common. Drug users inhabit almost every city or town in America. Drug abuse or use doesn’t necessarily mean using illegal drugs. It can mean abusing the use of prescription medicines or using household chemicals to get high. There are different types of drugs and different street names. For instance, if I want to buy a hit of ecstasy I would ask for ‘E’ or ‘X’. Heroin would be ‘smack’, ‘H’, or ‘junk’. Methamphetamine would be ‘crystal’ or ‘speed’. LSD is called ‘acid’ for its scientific name lysergic acid. The different types of drugs are stimulants or ‘uppers’ and depressants or ‘downers’. Two examples of ‘uppers’ are crystal methamphetamine and MDMA or ecstasy. Two examples of ‘downers’ are alcohol and marijuana. ‘Uppers’ are called ‘uppers’ because they stimulate you and can keep you awake for a few days if you are a frequent user.

They also speed up your heart rate, make you hallucinate, and can lead to death if mixed with other drugs. The high they produce gives you a euphoric feeling or leads to violence depending on what type of mood you are in before using them. The high lasts for anywhere from 2 hours to days at a time depending on how much of the drug you use. It starts to hit you from around 5 minutes to around 30 minutes after you use it. Some people take a hit then when the high starts to wear off take 2 hits to keep high because the body tends to build a quick tolerance to ‘uppers’. There are effects called ‘bad trips’ that cause scary hallucinations, blackouts, dehydration, and death from your heart rate getting so fast that you sweat your liquids all off and start withdrawing. It affects your main organs, especially your liver. Some people prefer to ‘speed ball’ which means mixing crystal methamphetamine and another ‘upper’ heroin.

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It speeds your heart rate up faster than any drug can and can kill you easily. ‘Downers’ are called ‘downers’ because they slow you down and calm your nerves. They also slow your heart rate down. Tobacco is the most used downer. It can calm your nerves. It is also the leading cause of lung and mouth cancer in the world. It can be smoked in cigarettes or cigars and can be chewed or dipped in snuff and chewing tobacco. Alcohol is also a ‘downer’ that is used a lot. It gets you drunk. Being drunk affects your motor skills, causes you to hallucinate, and can affect things like balance. It can cause you to sweat and become dehydrated. It also leads to hangovers and can cause liver diseases. Marijuana is a useful ‘downer’. It helps people with cancer and with eye problems such as glaucoma. As a recreational drug people smoke it out of homemade cigarettes called “joints” or “doobies”. They also roll it up in cigars.

Those are called ‘blunts’. It can also be smoked out of pipes. There are also things that aren’t drugs that can be abused. Inhalants like gas, air freshener, white-out, rubbing alcohol, and permanent markers are things that are sniffed or ‘huffed’. People who ‘huff’ things usually do harder drugs but just can’t afford them. Prescription medicines are abused a lot. The most abused prescription medicines are usually painkillers, sleeping pills, and muscle relaxers. Painkillers that are usually abused are Oxycontin, Vicodin, Tylenol 3 and 4, Loratabs, Perkiset, Morphine, and Demerol. Sleeping pills that are usually abused are Xanax, Xanbar, and Valium. Muscle relaxers that are usually abused are Soma and Flexeril. Some medicines that are over the counter are still abused. For example, Sudafed, Robitussin, and Coricidin. In conclusion, drugs come in many forms. They can be pills, powder, liquid, and leaf. They can be used through syringes, pipes, and cigarette papers. Drugs are bad. They kill millions every week and are the number one cause of certain types of cancer. Don’t do drugs.

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