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Douglas MacArtuther a Famous General

MacArthur was a famous general. He served in the United States Army for almost fifty years he receives high honours. He won many victories. He was a controversial man because of his personality. He was an actor as well as a soldier.

General Douglas MacArthur was born in Little Rock, Arkansas on January 26, 1880. . He was born in the barracks because his father was an army officer who fought for the union during the civil war. 1922 he was married to rich women, Henrietta Louise Cromwell Brooks. Douglas Macarthur first went to West Point in 1899 because he also wanted to be in the military. 1903 he graduated from West Point with the highest grades ever in the school’s history. He achieved the high honour 1st caption.

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After graduation from West Point, he became a 2nd lieutenant of an engineer. He helped his father. In 1913 he joined Roosevelt’s war Department staff. He participated in the U.S Occupation of Veracruz, Mexico in 1914. In World War One he earned two distinguished service crosses and seven silver stars.

One reason Douglas MacArthur was very important was because of all his awards for World War I. He returned from Germany to the United States in 1919, and he became superintendent of West Point. He was the youngest man with that job. He became army chief of the staff in 1930. He was the youngest man with that job. Also, His biggest mistake was the attack on the Bonus Army. In 1932, a group of United States World War I veterans started a protest in Washington D.C. They were called the Bonus Army. It was during the Depression and they didn’t have jobs.

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They wanted early payments for the veteran’s bonus. The police tried to get rid of marches but there were shootings and injuries. Macarthur put on his best uniform and he wore every medal he owned. He got on a white horse to lead his troops. He drove the help marcher’s out with bayonets, sabres, rifle fire, and tear gas. He attacked the marcher’s wives and children. He became very unpopular after this. It was worse because Hoover had ordered him twice to not enter the Anacostia flats camp.

A lot of people didn’t like MacArthur because they thought he wanted to control the government. He went to the Philippines and made a Philippines army. His Philippine army fell apart in the Japanese attacks in December 1941. He went to Australia and lead Americans forces to victory in the southwest Pacific. In Australia, MacArthur made a plan to get back the Philippines islands and defeat the Japanese.

Japan surrendered to the United States on September 2, 1945, after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. MacArthur was in charge of the occupation of Japan. Many people thought this MacArthur was the greatest achievement. He did not impose military rule. He let them write the laws, and carry them out. He just made suggestions. When talking about his relationship with the said “This mutual respect becomes the foundation of the basic esteem our two peoples came to have for on another”. Another big achievement was MacArthur getting the Japanese to rewrite of war into their new constitution.

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After his success in Japan he returned to the U.S. he thought about running for the presidency of the United States. In 1950 the Korean War started. Seventy-year-old MacArthur was in charge of U.S defence. He went to North Korea, but the Chinese attacked and defeated them. MacArthur told President Harry Truman to declare war on China and use nuclear weapons against China. President Harris Truman didn’t want to start a third world war. So President Harris Truman dismissed MacArthur. Some people thought Truman dismissed him because he had questioned the president in public. Truman became less popular because of this.

MacArthur was greeted nicely when he comes back to the United States but his career in the army had ended in humiliation. He lived for12 more years in New York City. He didn’t appear very much, he visit the Philippines in 1961. He died at Walter Reed Army Hospital in Washington on April 5, 1664. He finished his book of memories a few months before he died.
MacArthur had a strong personality.

He always was looking for attention through his speeches and his clothes and his actions. It may have been the reason he never becomes president. His service made a large impact. In American then and now he helped make Japan government the way it is today.

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