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Does America Still Exist Essay

Does America Still Exist?

Does America still exist? The author Richard Rodriguez believes that this question should be answered with urgency now. America is the country that is supposed to be the free, fun, brave and powerful. This country is so depressing to me because America is none of the following. The United States of America leads all countries in the world in death rate, teenage childbirth, drug and substance abuse, and violence. It s a shame, for a country so powerful to be so ill minded.

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Personally I don t think there was an America to begin with. America is supposed to be the land of the free. There is no freedom in this country. Well if there is, why do we all have social security numbers? Let s analyze this for a second. Security numbers for everyone s social life? I don t see any security in that. We are supposed to be free, and all it takes is nine strokes of a key in a certain computer and you can be found? Social security, yeah right, it just another way for the government to keep a tab on you. But it s necessary for our freedom, so they say. America was previously known for being a free country, having a right to be free and to do what ever you want. This is exactly why this country is in the pits now. Most countries have had a king or a ruler, where America hasn t.

America is one of the most diverse countries in the world. In the sixth paragraph, Rodriguez says: We pledge allegiance to diversity. (Rodriguez, 584) America is known for contradicting themselves, and here s a prime example. Whether it may be race, beliefs, religion, style, decent, foods, background etc. we are all different in some sort of way, but we as a country will discriminate against one another just because they don t do the same as others do.

This is the result when you mix up too many cultures. My theory is that if all the different cults could have stayed in their origins, then maybe we as a world would be in some type of rhythm. The bottom line is that we are all human beings. We all look the same on the inside, why let the outside be a matter. We all breathe air, drink liquid, and eat food.

We are one gigantic race. No race should be superior over another. Until humans can accept this, we will be living in exile.

As generations pass through, America is becoming worse and more diverse. Children are having babies, kids are killing their parents, teenagers are shooting up schoolyards, more and more kids are using drugs etc, etc. This country is transforming into a living hell. America has dug its self into a bottom less pit. The worst is still and always yet to come.

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