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Do you believe in love at first sight?

Oh, what a great day! There I was in Turkey the sun shining like a bright yellow light blinding my eyes as I hardly can open It. The blue sea was howling at me as the wind hits wildly. The bright yellow sand stands out with hundreds of people sunbathing and the children running around like mad enjoying the heat of the sun. The laughter of the teenagers breaks out as they entertain themselves.

As the sun sets the beach is calm and there is silence with no disturbing noises coming from the children as everyone goes into their rooms to get ready to eat. As everyone comes down to eat the disturbing noises increase. Adults laughing away having a chat with their friends. Children sitting down and playing around with the food, dribbling wanting not to eat. The darkness falls and the moon comes out everyone has finished eating so they make their way to entertain leaving their children to the playhouse. The laughter and the noise of applause break out as the clown makes the children have fun by juggling and doing little baby tricks.

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The clock struck 24.00 and it was midnight already. I was so tired after all that fun I had. I couldn’t wait till I went up to my room and throw myself onto my soft, feathery and smooth bed. I ran up to my room and as soon as I lay on the bed I immediately fell asleep and woke up with the bright shine of the sun as my cousin drew the curtains back. I ran into the bathroom and washed my face with the freezing cold water. I wore my pink fluffy bikini and ran down to sunbathe. I lied on the sunbed and felt like diving into the cool breezy pool as I felt the sweat from the heat running down my face.

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As I dived into the pool I couldn’t believe my eyes. I saw the most handsome, attractive, charming boy ever! I never had believed in love at first sight but when I looked into his sea-blue eyes I just couldn’t take my eyes off him. As soon as I saw him looking at me I felt the butterflies in my stomach as I felt a sudden shiver inside me, I had never felt like this. I saw him walking up to me I thought I was dreaming but I actually wasn’t it was real. I wondered what he was going to ask. I felt shy as I turned red like a cherry, that moment I had different kinds of feelings. He asked me if we could speak for a couple of minutes. I answered “yes” in a very nervous and shy way; he invited me to the caf�. He asked me where I was from and we started speaking for nearly an hour.

My cousins were waiting for me at the seaside. He told me that he would take me over so I said “ok”. As we were rushing to get past the traffic light I felt his hand slowly trying to touch my hand. I felt a sudden shake inside me when he asked me out I just felt like running as fast as an athlete to try and get to my cousins. My tongue was locked I couldn’t speak he asked me again and I just couldn’t hold myself and said “yes”. This was a very special day in my life I just gave him a kiss on the cheek and ran away, I felt like a cheetah running for its prey. As soon as I got to my cousins I was out of breath my heart was like it was going to come out of its place. I couldn’t feel my legs I had run so fast to get away from him. As I was panting like a breathless dog my cousins were surprised to see me trying to gasp a gulp of 02.

It was 17.00 my cousins were very mad with me, she was fed up of me always running late. She told me that it was time for us to pack away and go back to London this night. It was like someone poured a bucket of chilling cold water on my head I felt a sudden shiver and the tears coming down my face. I couldn’t control my self I just ran up to my room as fast as I could. I packed everything I could and told the reception that I was going to leave this night. I was eager to speak to him, what was I going to say to him?

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It was 18.00 I went down to the restaurant to eat before I go on to the plane as I travel sick. I saw him sitting down by himself so I took a deep breath and walked up to him and explained to him that I had to go back to London. I saw the tears running down his face he just looked into my eyes and didn’t say a word. I told him that my flight was at 23.00 and that I had only 5 hours left. He begged for me not to go but it wasn’t up to me. He asked me if we could spend the last hours together and I couldn’t say no so I said no problem but I told him that he had to bring me back by 22.00. He offered me if he could to take me to the airport but I told him he can’t as my cousins were with me so he said “ok”, even though he didn’t mean it. However, I could easily recognize his feelings from the expressions on his face.

We came back to the hotel and we had a really good time together even if it was for three hours. It was time for me to jump onto the taxi so we were on time for the plane. He came with me up to the taxi even though my cousins were there. I couldn’t help it and I started crying he told me not to cry but tears started coming down his cheeks. I just couldn’t accept him crying. We hugged very tightly I didn’t want to let go of him but I had to. I had promised him that I will come back again but we both knew that it wasn’t true. My cousin started screaming and shouting in the car for me to get in but she knew that I didn’t seem to be listening to her. Again I gave him a kiss on the cheek and jumped into the car. This time I knew I was never going to see him again.

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As the taxi started moving I heard him shouting from outside “stop please don’t leave me”. I looked behind he was running after the taxi I couldn’t take my eyes off him I remembered the first time I saw him and the times we had spent together. I suddenly had a bad feeling inside me I just shivered and heard the crash of the car and the scatted glass on the floor. I looked behind and he wasn’t there “no it can’t be him”. The car was still moving I threw myself out and saw him lying down on the floor his eyes closed and he was covered in blood. The last word that came out of his mouth was “I love you”. I couldn’t bear to see him like that on the floor covered in blood and the red blood tear that ran down his face.

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