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Do this assignment after recording your Self Introduction Video – Submit a short self-introduction essay

Do this assignment after recording your Self Introduction Video. Submit a short self-introduction essay.


  • Essay (200 words).
  • Use full sentences and paragraphs.
  • Correct use of grammar.

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In the essay, you may talk about the following ideas:

  1. Where do you come from?
  2. Tell us something about yourself and why you are here.
  3. What makes you feel proud of yourself?
  4. Does your name have any special meaning(s)? If so, explain.
  5. Where are you physically located right now?
  6. Tell us something about living through the quarantine.
  7. What do you enjoy most about Canada? If you have not been to Canada yet, what are your expectations?
  8. If you know a skill, you can write about it.

Hey, in order to write an effective essay, it is very important to understand what is the purpose of your essay. In the questions that have been mentioned, it seems that the other person wants to know you better. Before diving deep into the answers to your questions, you will have to keep the following important points in mind:

  1. Make sure that you don’t write just facts. The person who is asking for the essay wants to know you better, and just stating facts won’t help (if it were of any help, they would have asked you to fill a Google form!). They want to see how articulate you are in expressing yourself.
  2. Make sure that you don’t beautify your words too much. Although it is important that you articulate well enough, at the same time make sure that you don’t use too fancy words in your essay. Yes, showing a good sense of vocabulary definitely helps. For example, you could write “will be delighted to” instead of “will be happy too”, but make sure that you don’t use too heavy words in your essay so that the reader has a smooth flow of reading.
  3. Try to give as many examples as you can. For example, for the skill question (question no. 8), you might be a painter. But then there are many painters out there. You need to tell them how personalized painting is to you, you could tell them what mediums you use while painting (watercolors, acrylic), what do you like to paint (nature, urban sketching, comics), when do you paint (when bored, stressed), etc.
  4. Don’t give them a dump of text. Make sure that you include paragraphs. It prevents the reader from getting lost and you come out to be a structured person. In your particular case, you already have 8 questions to answer. So by adding paragraphs, it will be made sure that the reader knows what question you are answering in a given paragraph.It will be easier for you as well to edit and format.
  5. Read and re-read your essay after completion. Look for any spelling/grammatical errors. See there is no redundancy. Ask your trusted family/friends/colleagues to read your essay and ask for feedback. See if they can remember the flow of your story.
  6. I am stating the first point again because it is very critical. Make sure you don’t give mere facts. Give them a story. People forget facts, they always remember a story. Through this essay, try to show your value.
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Now that we have covered the main points, let’s dive deeper into the questions that you have to answer.

Answer 1: “Where do you come from?” This is a very basic question. And given that you have only 200 words to answer, make sure you don’t waste all your words here. They only need your background. This could be factual. Briefly mention your hometown, your parents, what they do. Answer this in 2-3 short sentences.

Answer 2: “Tell us something about yourself and why you are here?” Spend a little time on this question. Write down some basic things on a piece of paper. Your education, job, your future plans, your hobbies. Now while writing the answer, build a short story in your head.

Education, what did you major in, and from where. Why were you so interested in the subjects you majored in. Your current company and job (if any), make sure to relate it to the fact how/why it is connected/not connected to the subject you majored in. After this, mention what your future plans are and why. Don’t forget to connect your future plan to your passion. Always mention why you feel so strongly about doing this particular thing in your future. Add a short sentence mentioning your hobbies. Spend 7-8 lines on this sentence. Cover all the facts and read your answer again to make sure that there is a smooth transition from one sentence to another and that a story is being narrated. People forget facts, they remember stories!

Answer 3: “What makes you feel proud of yourself?” Now you can be proud of many things in your life, your accomplishments, your family, your friends to name a few. It does no harm to mention these. But if you are mentioning friends and family, include these in one single line. This is an essay about YOU. And you being proud of your friends and family merely says that you have some wonderful people in your life, and that’s it. It doesn’t say much about you. If you write about your accomplishments, say that you have won many awards and medals, you might appear a little prude to your reader. Instead of writing that you are proud of your accomplishments (awards, certificates, designation, etc.), you should rather write what hardships you faced just before accomplishing that particular thing. Was there a time when you felt like quitting, but then didn’t? Instead, you went for it and accomplished it. Mention these stories.

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Have you done anything to give back to society? Mention that. People don’t care much about grades, awards, yes they are important but more important is having the strength to not give up and giving back to society what we have learned, having empathy for others. You can spend a good time and a long paragraph on this answer and dedicate a good chunk of 12-15 lines on this.

Answer 4: “Does your name have any special meaning(s)? If so, explain.” A simple question. Do not spend more than 2-3 lines on this. Just write what is the meaning of your name, and why did your parents choose this particular name for you.

Answer 5: “Where are you physically located right now?” Again 2-3 lines. Just write where you are located. And mention if that has a particular reason (close to your folks, close to work, good society, etc.)

Answer 6: “Tell us something about living through the quarantine.” This phase is one of the newest and the most significant ones of the entire world today. Just take a rough piece of paper and think about your journey through this quarantine. It is okay to write that you were frustrated/bored/scared or all three all at once. How you had to sit at home thinking that a deadly virus is out there, and how you had a tough time adapting to the new normal. But then do mention how you evolved during this period. Mention why quarantine was/is essential to be safe and write about your journey. Did you become more productive? Learned a new skill/hobby, mention that. Even if you listened to music or binge-watched Netflix, mention how you did not have any me-time for a long, and you used this phase to unwind, to relax, to spend time with family, and to make future plans. Spend a good 10-12 lines to explain this.

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Answer 7: “What do you enjoy most about Canada? If you have not been to Canada yet, what are your expectations?” This is an important question as it seems the place that you are applying to is in Canada. If you live in Canada, write what you like (people, food, sightseeing, citizen-friendly government). If Canada is going to be new to you, then write what a new person to a country expects. Some points to mention could be a good environment, freedom to pursue your passion, good opportunities, healthy lifestyle, work-life balance, good exposure to whatever industry/subject you are pursuing. You can write 4-5 lines for this.

Answer 8: “If you know a skill, write about it.” Don’t get confused by the “if”, you HAVE to write about a skill. Write about the one skill that you are very good at. Be it analysis, making presentations, math, any skill! Write how you came across this skill (through school, internship, job, friend), why you decided to learn it, how much time you have spent learning it, do you use this particular skill in your day to day life, how have you evolved after learning this skill. How does it add value to your life/future plans? Write answers to all the questions that I have stated and voila!, your paragraph is ready! If you have other skills, you can mention them in the last sentence. Eg. Besides MS Excel, I also have a sound knowledge of data analysis, math, etc. But make sure that you elaborate on any one skill (that you are best at) in detail.

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