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Do clothes make the person? Why do we care what we look like?

The relationship between people and clothes

Do clothes make the person?

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Questioning what we normally take for granted is often not easy but always helpful: Why do we care what we look like? Why do we own more clothes than books? Why are there so many fashion shops? “Clothes make the man,” the old saying goes.

Well, clothes definitely seem to impress us human beings. Nothing tells you more about a person or makes a greater first impression than how one is dressed. It’s quite significant, really. We summed a person’s entire character even if we don’t know them just by the way they are dressed. According to major studies, Image consultants will tell you what makes a good impression on another person depends, percentage-wise, on the following:

55% on how you look, 38% on how you act, 7% on what you say ( That means you judge even before you say a word or even make a move! We are a society quick to judge because of the “outside” which denies us the opportunity to really know a person at times from the “inside”.

Why do we care what we look like? Your clothing clearly has an effect on the people around you. Think the common words used to tell how a person looks: smart, messy, respectable, decent, attractive, seductive, presentable, sexy, sloppy, plain, over the top, flashy and so on. They can be divided into two categories: dressing for ourselves and dressing for others. We can dress to feel good or we can dress to impress. Both are valuable because we care how others see us as well as caring about ourselves.

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The problem starts when we concentrate too much on one or the other. A person who dresses exclusively for other people so that they are liked loved and wanted is lacking self-respect. Also, a person who dresses only for themselves and doesn’t care about the effect their appearance has on others is lacking in respect for other people. Society is like a killer game, you need to have your tricks to survive, but that does not mean you are going to be someone else just to be accepted.

The fact of the matter is; your appearance is a key to open a door. Clothing plays a key role in how we live our lives in many ways and in how we will be pictured or even treated. The critics

can make a person more confidant that “their jeans make them but look smaller.” However, clothes not only cover a person’s problem areas but create problems as well. While some people might not have the money to buy the clothes, they might be denied opportunities in their lives because of the clothes they don’t have. Sometimes the way a person dresses could inhibit a person from having friends, relationships, and even a good job. Clothes place judgments upon people in many different ways, but as long as every person knows their “true self” only their personal judgment is the one that matters!

To this paper I add a little survey that I did at work to see others people perspective.

Should we be judge by the way we dress, yes or no and why?

“You can see someone in a suit and tie and assume they are a well-groomed, mannered and respected person, when in fact it can be someone just trying to play the part to catch people off guard. But I do know that people will judge by appearance and assume they know what kind of person is inside. (Rose Constanzo).”

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“No. a book should not be judge by its cover; same with people, we can’t be judge from the outside. The dressing is merely a fashion statement, especially on young people. Before we judge we should take a look on ourselves, there is no right way or wrong way to dress, we all have our unique style that doesn’t fit everybody ways we were created very unique, we all have certain qualities that can’t be measure by the way we dress, we have to get to the soul of the person to understand its wisdom, kindness and compassion. (Maria Silva).”

“We shouldn’t be judged by the way we dress. My opinion is just that because no two people are the same. Everyone in society dresses according to his or her class, style, or just how they feel. In my humble opinion who or what you are shouldn’t be held against you for what you’re wearing. Clothes are just another form of expressing an individual.

No one should be judged because of it. Style and ideas from people, in general, is what fashion designers go by. You have your urban community, middle-class community, upper-class, etc. everyone in their own right should just be judged on or rather not be judged at all. There are so many other things to worry about than what someone is wearing. (C.C).”

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