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Difference between Western Boxing and Muay Thai

Contrast: Premier Purposes, constituents and rules of Thai Boxing divide two sports to be completely different.

Though both sports are called “boxing” and “the art of fighting”, Western boxing and Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) are totally different. Both sports were originated up to a thousand years ago. Informer without rules or principles, Western boxing and Muay Thai could be brutal contests in which each competitor tried to conquer his rival by any means. On the other hand, both arts of fighting at their well-controlled best are real sports. They are competing in which each man applies to beat his opponent by intelligent use of skills in which he has been thoughtfully trained. However, the premier purposes, constituents and rules of Thai Boxing make the two sports become obviously distant.

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First of all Thai Boxing was originated in Sukhothai Period, three thousand years ago, though it took 300 hundred years later to become well known during the Ayuthaya period (1560 A.D.). While Western boxing was well advanced by the time of the Sumerians who lived five thousand years ago, which is much older than Thai boxing. The premier purpose of Thai boxing was to be used as the unarmed fighting art by Thai soldiers. It was our traditional martial art in which ancient Thai soldiers used Thai boxing to fight against Burmese soldiers since the age of wars last 500 years ago. In contrast, Western Boxing was started as ” manly art'” or common sport or personal combat, not for the real war.

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The purposes of Muay Thai competitions during the age of wars in Thailand was not only for entertainment but also for motivating Thai men to be alert of possible wars that they would always prepared. In contrast, the early Western boxing competitions were generated as staging bout for entertainment. On the other hand, today the Western boxing is a common sport used in general sports competitions such as Olympic game, SEA game, and etc, unlike Western boxing in Thailand we recognize the art of Muay Thai as the traditional culture. For this reason, professional boxers of Muay Thai then are able to enter the Olympic boxing matches.

While Western boxing match allows the contest to start since once both opponents get in the ring, Thai boxing has a lot of processes to reach its real start. Before the start of competition in Thai Boxing bouts, there is much process in which the competitors must generate as a traditional ritual. Wai Kru is one of them; the method is a way to pay respect to his majesty the king, Muay Thai as a sport, the founder of the Muay Thai, and the last bound to their parents and ancestors. After that, the fighters must continue with Muay Thai dance or Ram Muay. After finished the Ram Muay ritual then the real competition can start. Furthermore, in Muay Thai matches during the fight, while the opponents are fighting against each other it is imperative tradition to have live music conducted in order to encourage the fighters to put forth their best effort, while the Western boxing matches don’t have one.

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The techniques and rules of Muay Thai and Western Boxing are both distinct. Muay Thai boxers must be skilled in all non-armed weaponry of feet, knees, fists and elbows. Differs from Thai Boxing, using other parts of the body than the fists in Western boxing competitions can cause the fighter to be eliminated from the tournaments. The rules must be followed and disciplined. In Muay Thai tournaments we have 19 divisions of the classification weight. Unlike Thai Kick Boxing, Western-style divides the divisions of classification weight of boxers into 17 divisions.

With the information above, which included the differences between the two sports even both are called ” Boxing” my bottom line is that they are totally different and can’t be count as identicalness. Purposes, constituents and rules of Thai Boxing completely split two sports from each other. There was an argument against Thai boxers to enter the Olympic competition. I don’t think it’s fair for the Thai boxers. To be allowed to use only their fists to fight against the opponent, Thai boxers are not familiar with the new trend either. They must pay attention to learn the new rules of the Western style of boxing as much as the so-called “amateurs” of the Western boxing style do too.

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