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Destructive Celebration in Sports

Increasingly we read and talk of sports fans that celebrate their team’s victories by destroying public property. Examples of this behaviour include starting fires, pulling down signs, awnings, and banners. To discourage these types of behaviours there should be more security before, during and after a sports event. There should also be a great penalty for those who choose to commit these crimes.

During my sophomore year in Valley Stream South High School, there was a wrestling match that ended with the defeat of our long time rivals from the northern end of town. This match crowned us division champs and extended our season into the playoffs. For some reason that victory caused a fan to think that his celebration should start with a broken window on the opposing team’s bus.

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The guilty fan was given a severe punishment of five days of in-school suspension as an example to prevent future incidents of destructive celebration. The suspension was never painless. They would lock you in a room from the beginning of the first period until the end of the ninth period, and all you were allowed to do is classwork that your teachers sent up for you. There was no talking or getting up. Lunch was brought to your suspension room. A strict teacher always supervised suspensions.

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In addition to the suspension, the school hired six new security guards to patrol the school before, during, and after events. The increased number of security guards that were hired due to the incident, helped out with future destructive celebrations. The guards made sure that the sports event ran smoothly from start to finish. Even trash talking was not tolerated.

The increasing number of destructive crimes committed by ecstatic, unthoughtful sports fanatics is a far-reaching problem. The reckless fanatic at my school caused parents to believe that wrestling is a violent sport, which may have caused destructive behaviour. We were there for the fun of wrestling and knowing that parents wanted to shut wrestling down affected the team’s performance in the playoffs.

Unfortunately, problems of reckless destructive fans during sporting events still occur however, the amount and severity have decreased greatly. From observing the fan’s improved behaviour during later sports games at my school I believe that more security and greater punishments are the solutions to discourage reckless fans.

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