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Descriptive Writing – Woodland

I rose today in a faraway and exotic utopia where the sky was baby blue with fluffy white clouds, that seemed to be playing peek a boo with the yellow sun. There were majestic mountains, which seemed to touch the sky, and were painted in the snow; every freshly fallen flake glistened like a beautiful diamond in daybreak. I felt a peaceful feeling overtaking me and my spirit seemed to soar from within me just like the eagles circling boldly over the mountain crest, each movement symbolising their strength, beauty and courage. I stood there quietly and stared at the wondrous mountains for what seemed like hours before making way to the nearby forest to discover what enchantments it held. I was not in the least bit disappointed for it was indeed a place of great beauty.

Gracefully I walked through the exquisite forest; the sunlight seeped through the canopy to fall on the grass-Strewn floor, in a pattern of dappled gold. Birds poured forth their hearts as they flittered among emerald clad boughs. Their boisterous tune harmonised by the aquatic melody of a glittering brook. Each part of the scenery seemed to complement each other perfectly creating a beautiful ensemble. It was truly a glorious and magnificent sight. I revelled in every moment I spent within the forest with such intensity and contentment. For it gave me a feeling of complete and everlasting ease, which I could only ever find in the arms of my mother as a baby. The hypnotic rhythm of the stream was enough to get lost in. I found my thoughts drifting as I watched the twinkling crystals flow by. Glimpsing such perfection I began to dwell on the enigma that is life and released several sighs of confusion but also complete and utter bliss.

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Time quickly flew by, before my mind could register the fact that the once golden forest had now taken on a sombre air. I began to feel the wind lift my hair, caress my face, and whisper in my ear. The once loud and energetic birds had all grown silent, and the entire place felt deserted without their presence. The rain came suddenly each drop a symphony of sound and fell down soft and warm on the ground. Looking down I noticed the ground was rippling with concrete rings as the rain came down. This sight unsettled me for reasons I could not comprehend and before long, I too was thoroughly drenched. My once pink and florescent dress was now but a pale imitation of its former self. The patter of raindrops had now broken the unearthly silence, which had descended upon the recently darkened and gloomy forest. Therefore, I began to walk the beaten path in the direction towards my home. I strolled along freely.

The sun had slowly begun sinking down below the horizon, fading in a fiery display of what seemed like heated glory, the world was plunged into shadowy twilight. I felt as though Dusk had breathed warm comfort into the air, engulfing the world in a comforting blanket and Holding darkness at bay for a few precious minutes. Gracefully the moon rose high into the velvety night blessing the world with its silver glimmer. The rain stopped gradually as I looked onward to what seemed like a never-ending pathway. This was empty apart from a couple on a small brown bench, the image of their embrace resembling a scene from a romantic movie. When I reached home, I felt a sudden urge to run back and lose myself in the forest just like a chameleon in camouflage. Nevertheless, I knew it was impossible, but I was comforted by the thought that the image of the wondrous forest and mountains was stamped in my mind, a reminder of my experience that certainly neither time nor age could erase.

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