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Descriptive Essay – Childhood Scene

It was early morning and the last day of my holiday. The sun, almost a semicircle and the colour were strange, a dark shade of orange, peeped itself over the top of a tall monstrous mountain, like an anxious child at a window. The shadow castled gradually slid itself over the rooftops of the tiny white houses situated in the town of Costa Teguise. The dingy shadow eventually moved further out to see as the afternoon approached.

I was by the Hotel pool. It was shaped almost like an ear, very obscure and filled full with crystal clear water transferred to a laser shade of blue by the tiles that rested on the bottom. This was the main pool. It was shallow at one end, and as it went across, became more profound. There was also a more rounded and a lot smaller pool, but it was more profound. This lay alongside the infant pool, which was very shallow. It again was a very obscure shape but contained a small island in the middle.

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There were three in total. I lay on a lounger watching my brothers play and swim until they got out and ran off to play on the mini-golf, which was set back in the trees. This particular lounger was different, for it was covered with large but soft cushions covered in a yellow cotton fabric. Throughout ran a pattern of red dots scattered in random places. It felt special, and I was unsure whether or not I was supposed to be sat on it.

As the sun lifted itself higher into the sky, the clocks turned to midday, and the sun became a smaller circle but brighter. It beamed down on me in intense heat. It was too hot. I felt like a minor bug under a magnifying glass getting hotter and hotter, as the heat was almost doubled. This made me uncomfortable and sticky. My skin began to shine and go a tiny bit red. I stood up. The pool looked inviting as the sun glared off the shimmering surface and reflected into my eyes. I stretched and jumped into the pool.

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I expected a relaxed refreshing feeling all over, thus hoping to relieve me from the risk of burning and being uncomfortable. Instead, the water level rose to my neck, I shivered. It was so cold. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Although, as I began to swim lengths of the pool, my body soon adjusted to the blue salty pool water temperature. It began to feel warm, and so did I. I started to get bored of swimming up and down, so I thrust myself out of the pool at the opposite end, where my towels and clothes were laid. I noticed the sun had gone behind a cloud at this time, and now even out of the pool, I began to feel cold.

I briskly walked to my lounger and wrapped my whole body in a towel, and sat there. The sun began to emerge from behind the cloud like a car headlight in fog. I lay back slightly warmer for at least another hour and then headed back to my apartment. This was only a brief walk from the pool, and along the way, I passed the on-site mini-market and the Tennis courts. There was one tennis court on-site, but it was rarely used so that I could get on it whenever. It was always accessible!

The apartment was to my liking, very much so with a colour television and a radio that both stood firmly on a modern-looking pine unit. My huge bedroom had heated blankets and a table in the corner with a mirror just above it. The double bed I slept in had a reading light above and had bedside units on each side. As it got so humid during the night, I never used the heated blanket, I even found myself leaving the French doors ajar to air the room. About two meters away to the left of my bed was a dark rosewood door with unusual grain markings, which led to an on-suit bathroom. This had a shower within the bath and a sink.

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The room wasn’t very spacious, but it wasn’t expected with it being the suit bathroom. In the next room was a long green settee, which sunk in as you sat on it. It was amazingly comfy. This faced a spectacular Oil Painting hung on the plain white wall. This one was of a curved bridge that led across a flowing stream with Lillie pads floating across it. This, if I remember correctly, was a piece of Claude Monet’s work. Also in this long stretched room was a well-equipped kitchen area, which had everything we needed for the fortnight’s stay.

I walked into the apartment and straight out onto the balcony. It had four chairs and a round table to one side, and the other side was left free. This is because my Grandad and I would usually come out here to play cards at night. The balcony itself was enclosed by the surrounding greenery and was hidden away from people walking by therefore, I had my privacy. It was as wide as the apartment itself and had accessible doors on each side so you could leave them open to air the apartment during the day and at night.

My Dad came into the apartment and said, “let’s get ready” because we were all going out for last night’s meal. We walked along the long tiled corridor to the Reception desk and left the key with Wan, our reception man with who I had become friends within the first week. As I strolled down the road that lead out of the quiet resort of El Trebol into the nightlife of Costa Teguise, I got an exciting but yet sad at the same time feeling inside me. This was because I remembered it was our last night, but I was going to make the best of it!

As I and my family approached the beach (because that’s where most of the attractions and restaurants were), I discovered a walk that lead us to a different place in that area. The walk was raised about 20 feet above the beach on a stone wall and was light up with lanterns hung on the long branches of the palm trees curved over evenly on each side. This formed a long archway right the way up until the path finished, which was at the far end of the beach. We then walked up and down the main front of Puerto Del Carmen until we found a restaurant that we liked. It was called “Pedro’s”.

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We sat down and the waiter took our orders. I ordered a fish cooked in salt crystals as I had never had it before and wanted to try something different on my last night. When the waiter brought my order out, it came on a huge silver tray and it looked like a miniature mountain, covered in snow. The waiter then poured some flammable liquid on, and I can remember it smelling a bit like aniseed, and he then set it alight. This I presume cooked the fish, and very quick at that. This shocked me and made me a tiny bit nervous because all eyes from other people in the restaurant were watching my meal being cooked.

After the meal, we walked home, along the same route again. Well, I say home, we walked back to the apartment that had been our home for the past 14 days. Lights flashing on the front of buildings almost like strobe trying as best as they can to try and attract the eye, and the smell of good food on every street that you walked along proved too hard to resist. I ended up buying Burger, even after a huge dinner. It had been an enjoyable holiday, but I began to get upset as I knew it was back to the apartment to start packing for our long trip back home to the abysmal weather that England always possesses.

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