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Death Penalty

One of the most complicated issues in this world, an issue that seems straightforward yet, it’s not. What shall you do when someone murders someone else? Should the criminal justice system execute him, or imprison him for the rest of their life? What if he is mentally sick? What if he is a minor? Everyone has a different point of view on the death penalty, based on his or her upbringing, race, and religion. I believe all these factors contribute to the various points of view towards the death penalty. I believe that murderers deserve to die when they commit a serious crime unless they are mentally ill. I grew up learning that the death penalty was given to awful people who have committed hideous crimes. Through religion, I learned that capital punishment is a last resort to a serious crime. In Islam, Capital punishment applies in the case of a person who meets any of the following conditions: The apostate, the apostate is one who disbelieves after being a Muslim.

A married adulterer, whose punishment is to be stoned to death, a murderer who kills someone deliberately, is to be killed in retaliation (qisaas) unless the victim’s next of kin let him off or agree to accept the diyah (blood-money), the Bandits, who wage a war against Allah and His Messengers, and spies. Based on my beliefs, I was fine with the death penalty. It only makes sense because it is fair. It’s karma, you deserve what you get, and what goes around, comes around. Murderers deserve to die if they take someone else life away. They have no right to take anyone’s life away because they did not give them that life in the first place. I believe minors should be trailed as adults, and therefore, if they get the death penalty, then that is fair. They committed a serious crime, and therefore their consequences should be equal to that.

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From the time we learn what is right and what is wrong, we also know that killing someone is wrong too. Every little kid in this world knows killing is wrong, and furthermore the basics of god-given rules like, not to steal or lie, etc. On the other hand, if a person is mentally ill, then they don’t deserve to die. Their illness should be treated and cured to the best of the doctors’ ability. If a person doesn’t know any better then you cannot punish them for a crime they have committed. Those people should be handled with love, care, and should be given utmost attention. The death penalty has been around since the beginning of society and culture. Yes, sometimes it is unfair and innocent people get executed, but it’s there to bring order to the system. If murderer gets sent to prison for 20 years, and come out, they could repeat their past crime again. Therefore, I’m pro-death penalty.

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