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Dealing with the Writing of The Fault in Our Stars Essay

The Fault in Our Stars is not your classic reading book. However, it is filled with pathos and emotion and love. It is a book that will change the lives of the people who read it, and it will make you look at terminal illnesses in a totally different light. John Green, the author of this book, and many more, definitely knew how the teenage mind worked. The novel received critical acclaim and has since been made into a movie, which is as heartwarming and sad as the novel. Professors may assign The Fault in Our Stars essay for your literature assignment. This is not the least difficult as it is an excellent book and will keep you entertained and hooked until it is finished. But, coming up with a topic may be tough for some of you. So, because of this, here are a few ways you can write this literature essay.

Paint and how everyone copes with it. Hazel Lancaster, the protagonist, has cancer. So, does her love interest, Augustus Waters. In fact, they meet at the support group for cancer victims. Pain, emotional pain, is something that is common in the book. Everyone in the novel has a different way of dealing with it. for example, Hazel tries to deal with her pain by accepting the inevitable and escaping by reading a novel called “An Imperial Affliction”. Hazel’s mother deals with her pain by caring for her daughter and studying to become a social worker so that she can help others, and herself, when Hazel dies. Augustus Waters deals with his pain by being humorous and doing outrageous things. Every person has a way of dealing with pain, in the novel, and you can write an interesting and high-scoring essay this way.

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The realities of cancer. Another way of writing The Fault in Our Stars essay is to write about the narrative point of view. Hazel Grace is the person who narrates the story. In your opinion, how does she deal with her illness? She has a very straightforward and cynical way of looking at her illness. Do you think she grabs the attention by writing about her illness this way? This may not be the norm for most cancer patients, but it is the way most teenagers look at things. Is this true? Your novel can be written in an opinionated manner, providing the readers with information on whether John Green would have been more successful if he had written the novel in the third person.

Hazel and Augustus’s relationship. The two lovebirds are totally different and wrong for each other. However, they are inseparable during the little time they have. Hazel and Augustus would never have had a relationship under normal circumstances. However, now, they both have cancer in common although Augustus is in remission when they meet. You can write about how the relationship between the two develops and how different it would have been under normal circumstances. The Fault in Our Stars is an excellent book to read and understand the realities of cancer. So, before you start writing The Fault in Our Stars essay, you need to read the book. If you have trouble writing the essay, visit our sample gallery and obtain a sample to use as a guideline.

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