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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Essay

One of the most critical and most featured settings of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is the headquarters for the CSI team and the labs. In this setting, many iconographic features of the police genre subcategory can be found. They are being that of a high tech genre, lab equipment and computers. Other settings include the location of the murder, the interview room, the team supervisor’s (Gil Grissom) office and the morgue. In the exterior scenes, police cars, uniformed officers, scene of crime tape, flashing blue lights and guns are seen. Depending on the context of each episode, chase scenes may also occur in action sequences including gunfire.

Unlike many other crime shows, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation has several stock characters. The first of these is the night shift team supervisor for the Las Vegas CSI unit (Gil Grissom), then there is the blood spatter analyst who was second-in-command for the night shift for four seasons (Catherine Willows). An easygoing and friendly former college baseball player (Nick Stokes) is also a stock character alongside a Las Vegas native and audio/visual analyst (Warrick Brown). Also alongside these is the head county coroner (Dr. Albert Robbins) and a young lab technician who idolizes Grissom (Greg Sanders).

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Each episode of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is self-contained in the sense that new crimes are committed (enigma) and we follow the team’s tasks of uncovering the victim and its culprit. Many themes are found throughout the episodes, the relationships between the team workers and also each of their flaws and how it affects their work. In this sense CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is something of a hybrid form with elements of both the self-contained episodic series and the extended plotlines of the serial.

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With the use of Warrick on the team, it shows apparent equality of the races. Also, having Catherine as one of the team leaders shows that women are also treated as equals. This is something that never used to be found in a crime series. It used to be male-dominated, only featuring women as damsels in distress or a very stereotypical and negative light. The narrative of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is clear from the beginning. The victim is found, and the CSI squad moves in. Other stories unfold in the path of trying to solve the cause of death and possibly the murderer, including unsolved crimes and more murders.

This clever use of narrative keeps the audience glued to the screen, waiting to find out the culprit. It does have many twists and turns, as sometimes the plot of the episode will somehow involve one of the stock characters personally. This allows the audience to connect with the character and become closer to them. Many other crime shows take another route with the narrative; some show the crime occurring while revealing the culprit. At the same time, others opt to show the murder and reveal the culprit at the end. However, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation uses flashbacks to make connections with the crime that had taken place. This allows the storyline to develop as flashbacks are used to back up evidence found and theories made.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is set in Las Vegas, and many exterior shots are used to reflect this, using shots of the numerous casinos and iconic images of Las Vegas. On the surface, depictions of Las Vegas are reasonably good, with a busy and exciting centre. Using fast-paced shots of its streets and casinos. It also, however, has a look at both the affluent and non-affluent’s living arrangements, going from rundown flats to swanky mansions.

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However once having a closer look at it, Las Vegas is not the most perfect of places. With numerous and horrific crimes being committed everywhere. The representation of the local people is quite stereotypical in my eyes as most of them are seen to be rich, spoiled and na�ve. However, this shows a great comparison to the team. With one being initially from Las Vegas, a difference can be found between their lifestyles and outlooks on life. While all the others are not from Las Vegas, it also shows Las Vegas’s effect on you.

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