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Crabbe, by William Bell Essay

Death is a very serious moment in a person’s life. It is hard to face, but when you commit suicide it is the most pointless way of dying, you hurt your self and you hurt those that are close to, like your parents, family and friends.

In this essay reference will be made to the book Crabbe, by William Bell.

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I think Mary did kill herself because she was an expert in the woods, she would have not gone up the ridge, to look for wood for the fire (Bell) and if she would of fell off she would of screamed from the shock of her felling. And she also mercy killed her husband because he was badly injured and she didn’t want him to go through the pain.

To prove my point I will be using examples of loneliness, and guilty conscience and a fact that she was rapped.

As a result of the traumatic experience of being rapped Mary decided to take her own life. Mary and Crabbe were in a cabin trying to get some food. Then two man and a dog came in and saw Mary they throw her into a room and rapped her.

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This is a short quote from the text: “her bush shirt had been ripped open down to her elbows and her T-shirt yanked up to expose her breasts.” (Bell pg. 112) the reader is head to believe that being rapped is one of the reasons why Marry committed suicide because she’s so dramatized, by what the hunters did.

If Mary wouldn’t of committed suicide then she would of screamed when she fell of the mountain. Mary and Crabbe ran away from the cabin and climbed a mountain to the top. When they got up they made a small fir and needed some more twigs. So Mary volunteered and that was the last time Crabbe saw her alive.

A quote form the text that explains my point: “Mary was down there. She lay-on her back twisted and broken by her fall to the jagged rocks on the valley floor.” (Bell pg. 119) I know Mary committed suicide because she would of screamed if she would of slipped off the mountain. Mary killed her husband by mercy killing.

Crabbe want back to the camp site and look inside Mary’s bag, the one she didn’t let Cabbe touch. And inside there was a journal of Newspaper clippings. He read the hole journal to find out some more information about Mary and why she ran away and stayed in the forest for so long. He found out that she had a husband and they loved each other a lot and when he kept reading he found out that her husband was seriously injured he kept reading and finally he found out what happened to her husband, she mercy killed him because she didn’t want to see him suffer.

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A short quote from the text that will explain my point: ” she had killed her husband.” (Bell pg. 128) I know she killed him because her husband was badly injured and he was hooked up to machines so she didn’t want to see him suffer so she mercy killed him.

I think Mary did commit suicide because she was rapped and felt guilty because she mercy killed her husband. Mary was rapped so she felt really bad and her husband was really badly injured so she mercy killed him so its logical that Mary did commit suicide from all the facts I listed, and one more fact if she didn’t commit suicide then she would of screamed if she slipped off the mountain Death is something we cant stop suicide is. People that commit suicide have a lot of problems but its not a way to solve them, taking your life is never a good way to solve any thing.

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