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Confusion Essay

I am probably the only person on this planet that can’t figure out the significance of Love and the forever lasting happiness that it brings along with the exclusive pain that secretly traumatizes us to the brink of suicide. I try my best to avoid such a complicating topic but love in itself is something no one can ever get a clear understanding off without stress or frustration. There is a very good possibility that I’ve been completely brainwashed as a result of watching numerous romantic films and consistently reading novels that are totally Love related.

Meg Ryan and Tom Hank films are classic examples of the ‘romance’ that is persistently reinforcing the romantic fantasy to suggest that imperative power of Love which is totally buried in our forever boring life without the underlying emotional attachment that keeps us alive. But is this a resemblance of our reality? Does love really conquer all? The answers to these questions are sickening invisible and as human beings, we are forever oblivious to this dominant aspect that may or may not title us as the weakest link.

Like you and me, every human strives for happiness, the most valuable element of human nature. From my personal observations of people and their romantic encounters, I am more than confident to draw your attention to the very interesting and painful love cycle. Have you ever experienced childhood crushes? There may have been a sweet little girl or boy who caught your attention. As you grow, you realise that that childhood romance wasn’t at all a romance story.

When you finally reach an age when you think you know everything about love either because you’ve experienced it in high school or you’ve witnessed your friend’s experiences, you feel more in control of your love life.

But for many, love can be a nasty game that acts as an entertainment source or just purely a powerful evil disease that produces contagious anxiety and emotional distress to their lives. These people are usually biased when they speak thoughtfully in regards to love but what they are unaware off is the idea that the reality of love is not a heavenly product that brings forever lasting happiness to our lives.

In order to define the true identity of love and defeat its the powerful impact on us, human beings are encouraged to fall in love as many times as possible so that the pain produced becomes so common, it integrates into our everyday lives.

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