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Computers And Technology Essay

Databases are a collection of data arranged for ease, speed, and clarity. They are used mostly to keep records or files altogether. For example, a doctors office might use a database to keep all of his patient’s records organized in one place. Or a business employee might use a database to store all of his client’s information, such as their addresses, phone numbers and general client information. Businesses that use databases may include schools, computer сompanies, universities, financial institutions, insurance companies etc. In order to use databases, there needs to be someone to develop and design the database.

These people are called Database Developer, or, Database Analysts, as they develop and analyse databases. Database developers design, install, update, modify, maintain and repair computer databases. They also modify and update existing databases by developing current programming codes. Database developers are responsible for creating computer programs and collecting, analyzing, and storing and transmitting the information. Some of the developers obligations may include:

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  • providing technical support for existing databases
  • modifying existing databases
  • planning/designing databases for new clients
  • programming databases for a variety of applications

For newly graduated developers, a bachelors degree in computer science is not necessary but is preferred and recommended. Although, for more advanced positions, a bachelor or a masters degree in Computer and Information Systems is required. The average annual salary for a database developer, in lower positions, range from $32,000 to-37,000. Whereas, for higher positions, the salaries can range anywhere from $47,000 to-75,000. However, the salaries depend on the education: the higher the education, leads to higher salaries. Most occupations for database developers require previous experience.

Good written and oral communication skills are as well required. Database developers need to be able to work well independently, as well as working as a member of a team.  As computers are becoming more and more essential to our everyday lives, the future prediction is that there will be more people wanting an occupation in the field of computers. The future outlook for this field in computers is greatly increasing. As more and more companies grow, they will need to use bigger databases, and as a result, there is a need for database developers.



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