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Compare And Contrast Ww1 And Aw2 Essay

World War One and World War Two brought extreme destruction and devastation to the world, not that any previous war didn’t cause damage, but they did on a totally different scale. These wars were the biggest in the history of men, causing huge casualties to all the countries involved. They became to be known as “Total Wars” as countries throughout the whole world participated. The technology of warfare had improved beyond the imagination of men, bringing weapons that could kill enormous masses of people within a short time. Both world wars had devastating results, far more than expected since each of them had more than 10 million casualties, much more than any previous war. The cost of the wars was immense; the whole of Europe had fallen into large debts and there was inflation everywhere; to both winners, Britain and France, and looser, Germany.

This was more severe after WW1, making you assume that probably the leaders of the countries did learn something from their past. The most significant inflation in WW1 was that of Germany, especially during the period of the depression. This country and her allies also lost both wars, however, the post-war treatments were different. In WW1, Germany had received a very harsh treaty with some demands being out of the ordinary (for example, the 6 billion pounds of reparation cost, something the country couldn’t have paid because it was totally destroyed, socially and economically). Whilst after WW2, compared with the peace settlement of Versailles, the boundary changes were relatively slight with the exception of Poland, but the winning powers were aware not to punish Germany too harsh this time and tried to make a fair agreement.

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This is why the led to the formation of the UN, just like in WW2 where the League of Nations was set up. Both were international organizations aimed at peacekeeping. However, after the second war, countries in Europe again started to look over their own borders, becoming a little more open-minded as they started to question worldwide problems. This started the war-preventive organization such as NATO, trying to prepare for any possible upcoming wars since they did understand that it wasn’t impossible. Both wars did lead to a new conflict, however, WW2 was caused by WW1, and the second world war led to the Cold War. This was partly due to the fact that many countries changed their ideologies after both wars. Countries drew back after the first one, trying to repair some of the devastation – which especially occurred in France – along with some republics that came, the ideologies became more turned inwards.

This influenced very much the country, or we can define it as nationalism that grew. However in many cases, except Germany who under the years was driven by hatred and revenge against the unfair Versailles, it was more fear and paranoia; particularly for the French along the Maginot line. “Walls” rose between countries and the whole area was under constant tense. We can argue that both wars had an enormous impact on the economy in Europe. As mentioned before, from the result of inflation and the number of deaths, countries lost labour and unemployment was high. In both periods of time, women were made to go to work, to try and recover some labour; most were sent to factories, something that earlier was unthinkable, especially before WW1. Although women were accepted to a greater extent during the second war.

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This, however, provided new liberal ideologies after WW2. Moreover, things that had an impact on the economic change was the new technical improvements during the wars; in the first one, it was the weaponry that got more powerful and deadlier for the scope to win. Whilst after WW2, many products were invented as a consequence of the war, to be more “safer” and be able to defend a country. In conclusion, the results of World War One and World War Two were very similar in the economic and social outcomes. Countries in both wars struggled with inflation, unemployment and fear. However the post-war treaties of WW1 led to the outbreak of WW2, whilst the Cold War was caused by WW2 and the great tensions and different ideologies between the major powers. Germany and the countries allied with it lost both wars even though the treatments differ.

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