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Compare and Contrast Essay Online Shopping vs. in Store Shopping

Online shopping. Many would argue that it’s an easy alternative to leaving the house and going to the mall. Online shopping has many benefits but also many disadvantages. The same goes for shopping at a mall or shopping centre. Online shopping cuts a lot of hassle and stress out of going to the store but also has a possibility of charging more. Shopping at a store can be very tiring after plus all the work of putting the stuff you bought away.

Online shopping creates a whole new experience to shopping. You can shop without having to leave the comfort of your house. You can shop in your pyjamas if you wanted to. Online shopping also takes out a lot of stress from having to wait in line and dealing with incompetent cashiers. Plus you can also keep track of things you want to buy in the future by using a wishlist. A lot of times the prices are cheaper too because you don’t have to go through middlemen. You can also ship gifts straight to relatives and friends instead of having to get the item and shipping it yourself at the post office. The possibilities are endless with shopping online.

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Shopping at a store can be convenient if you want your items fast. You won’t have to deal with shipping and handling charges. Plus you won’t have to worry about getting a defective item in the mail and then having to go through the hassle of shipping it back. When you shop at a store, you can try on clothes before you buy them so you know they fit you perfectly. Plus when you buy in-store, you get your items right away instead of waiting for it to be delivered.

Online shopping can have disadvantages too. You’d have to wait a few days to get your item. Shipping and handling costs can get really expensive, especially if you want your items within the next few days of purchasing them. It’s a pain to return things if they don’t work for you either and a lot of times you aren’t reimbursed for shipping charges. Also when you shop online you won’t be able to try on clothes to make sure they fit you perfectly. Then you would have to go through the unfortunate task of returning it.

In-store shopping comes with big disadvantages too. You have to wait through long lines and deal with incompetent customer service. Some employees tend to be very rude when you ask for help and that can easily put someone in a bad mood. You have to pay full price because of the middlemen. If an item is sold out, you have to search for it at different stores if you want it really badly.

Plus on top of paying for the item, you have to pay for gas to get to the store.

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