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College Football Rivalry Between Ohio and Michigan

The first is that a person always, if possible, buys an automobile that was made in the U.S.A. The other is to always root for The University of Michigan to beat Ohio State in any sporting event. I am not always very good at doing the first; my financial situation tends to overshadow my desire to buy American. But I am always able to uphold the second, no matter what is at stake. Michigan is a far superior school to Ohio State in a number of ways. Michigan dominates Ohio State when it comes to football, hockey, swimming and even team nicknames. I almost feel sorry for Ohio State because of how sad their programs are, but then I come back to reality and remember how funny it actually is.

I have several friends who call themselves “Buckeye fans.” It is extremely amusing when they say this because most of them do not even know what a “Buckeye” is. A Buckeye is Ohio State’s nickname and is not what one would call a very intimidating name. “The Buckeye is a tree, native to Ohio and particularly prevalent in the Ohio River Valley, whose small, shiny, dark brown nuts with a lighter tan patch resembles the eye of a deer”(Ohio State web site). Basically, their nickname is a poisonous nut! Talk about being intimidated. Now, let’s look at the Wolverine. The Wolverine is a very intimidating and feared animal; it is pound for pound the most ferocious creature. I would rather take my chances overpowering a little nut that fell off a tree, than a fierce, destructive animal.

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Swimming has always been a weakness for Ohio State and a strong sport for Michigan. Ever since 1927, the Wolverines have dominated the Big Ten Conference and the Buckeyes. According to the information I found, Michigan has not lost to Ohio State in over 10 years. Michigan has won 31 Big Ten Championships, including 10 in a row between the years 1986 and 1995, and 11 NCAA Team Championships. Since coming to coach the Wolverines in 1982, Jon Urbanchek has posted an impressive 96-4-0 record in the Big Ten and 142-26-0 overall (U of M swimming web site). The Wolverine swimmers are always in contention for the Big Ten and National Championships and show no signs of slowing down.

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As the water on the pond freezes over, the hockey season comes around. Once again, this does not lift the Buckeyes’ spirits. This is because Ohio State has about as good of a record in hockey as it does in swimming. Michigan, on the other hand, is a perennial powerhouse on the ice. Michigan’s dominating record comes in the form of 5 Big Ten titles, 6 CCHA Regular Season titles, 4 CCHA Tournament titles, and an outstanding 9 NCAA National Championships. A very impressive résumé and upon taking a closer look into the schedule, the dominance over Ohio State makes itself evident. Over the past 7 years alone, Michigan has a record of 13-3-3 against the Buckeyes (U of M hockey web site).

Going from the frozen pond to the frozen tundra, the real essence of this rivalry is apparent. College football is the main attraction between these two schools, and the history of the meetings dates back 98 years. Michigan is the all-time leader in overall wins in college history with over 800 victories. The Wolverines have been playing football for 121 seasons and have an impressive 30 Big Ten titles and 11 National championships. Michigan holds the overall lead in the series at 54-35-6 and is 9-2-1 over the past 12 years against Ohio State.

This rivalry is so intense that because of the record against Michigan alone, Ohio State fired their coach John Cooper. Coach Cooper had a decent record against the rest of the nation and finished among the top 25 nationally ranked teams regularly. But because of his lack of victories against their rivals, Michigan, Cooper was canned. This brought some sadness to the Michigan fans because of the great joy they would receive after beating Cooper year after year. Michigan is one of only 4 teams to have finished the football season nationally ranked for the past 10 years; Ohio State is not one of the other 3. The U of M stadium is as remarkable as the team itself. The “Big House” is the nickname given to Michigan Stadium because of the record-holding attendance that it receives every game. The stadium holds 107,00 people and has sold out every game, dating back to 1975, totalling 154 (U of M football & Ohio State web sites).

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I often feel some sort of guilt for having the more dominating and more respected team between these two schools. To have to grow up in Ohio must be awfully difficult and somewhat depressing; all they really have in their state is corn. I guess that if my entire day were spent looking at acre upon acre of corn, I would be a Buckeye fan too. Finally, if all else fails, just look at this in terms of geography. Michigan is and will always be on top of Ohio State.

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