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College Admissions Essay and The Power of Influence

Perhaps I will never achieve anything exceedingly noble in my lifetime. But if one thing is certain, I will never compromise my character. May the one thing in my life be, that I am the very best me. God has provided for my gifts and characteristics unique to me. The Discovery of these characteristics and the ability to use them is important to my character.

I value the truth of self. I value my ability to reflect my true character in the things I say and do. To avoid temptation and pressure in the name of Jesus Christ and make decisions reflective of my faith is vital to my happiness.

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Influence, peer or parental, is often an overbearing concept. To satisfy one often requires sacrificing the other. Society often believes that the individual fits into one category or the other, either the scene of temptation, or the scene of serenity. The truth reveals that the categories are as endless and diverse as the faces of our world’s citizens. Therefore, it is often disappointing to see that teens today feel an urgency to become a part of one scene or the other, completely forfeiting their individuality and personal values.

Should one work hard at school for their parents or should one drink their first beer for their peers? A close evaluation of these questions reveals the ultimate question: What do you believe is the very best for yourself? Partying with your friends, rather than studying as your parents requested of you, allows you to experience a temporary world where you can choose your own destiny free of restrictions.

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On the other hand, studying teaches you responsibility and allows you to take a stronghold on your future. Neither verdict truly mirrors the individual. But too often the individual reflection is never seen because it is hidden and tainted by conquered individuality. To find your true self in God, and make a decision true to that character is to brave Niagara Falls in a barrel. It is profound to believe that one can find themselves and God in the midst of society, with its heavy temptations and numerous interferences, but it is achievable. The resolution is so close, that you can almost hear it breathing, yet so slippery that once you grab hold, it can often slip away.

One must feel confident in their decisions. Your choices must emulate your character. I have found that I am most confident in my decisions when I know how it will benefit my own “well-being”. My “well-being” is my happiness. It is not selfish to wish the best for yourself, but in order to know what is “best”, you must know yourself. I value my character, I value you its ups and its downs because both elements make me unique. One of my most valued characteristics is that I care for others. It makes me happy to know that other people are also happy.

It may sound prophetic, but to give to others is to feed the soul. Christianity has also provided me with profound insight into my character. I am happy when I know that I have made a decision in honor of Jesus Christ. In all things I say and do, I make a conscious effort not to disgrace God or my family. May forever all things I say and do reflect God and the happiness he has given to me. I value the companionship of God, for he alone has empowered me with character.

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I believe that attending Baylor will act as a stepping-stone towards my future. Baylor’s strong record of academics and excellence reflects the character of its students. I believe that Baylor’s high standards have created a student body of high morality and dedication. I value the individual drive, the innate desire to do more and be more. It is impossible to achieve a high level of excellence without the discovery of your true self. Baylor’s standards will only encourage the growth of my individuality.

With a total realization of myself, I hope that I will discover my desire to meet Baylor’s standards and become the very best me. Attending Baylor, and meeting those standards, will allow me to become a part of an elite crew of individuals dedicated to their character.

Baylor will be an excellent beginning to my life. I have spent twelve years of my life attempting to meet standards and reflect my abilities. I hope to do the same at Baylor. Being able to meet high expectations has proved the value of self-dedication. I believe that this skill will serve a great purpose throughout my life. If I am able to stay true to myself, I will continue to do things to the best of my ability.

I will never fall short of my best if I resist temptation. My life will be full of bad times in which I must stay true to myself. If I continue to value God he will help me, and I will remain happy. Happiness does not bask in wealth, but rather dwell in the souls of those who desire it the most. My happiness will never be defined by the standards of society, but rather by the standards of my own Character.

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I value my character and my ability to commit to it. God has provided me with a unique character and I will never fail to reflect that character in all that I say and do. Baylor will provide me with the standards necessary to achieve excellence. Attending Baylor will allow me to further develop my character and find the very best me. I hope that if given the opportunity to attend Baylor, I will develop the skills necessary to live and be happy in my life.

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