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Claude Monet Essay

Claude Monet is regarded as one of the most famous impressionist artists. He was an artist in the impressionist movement which originated in Paris and started in the late 19th century. When he settled in Argenteuil he painted many canvasses from the banks of the Seine including the canvas red boats, Argenteuil.

Claude Monet was a French impressionist painter who was born on November 14, 1840 in Paris, France. He spent his childhood in Le Havre, this is where he first became known for his caricatures and drawings. Through an exhibition of his caricatures in 1858, Monet met Eug�ne Boudin, a landscape painter, who became a large influence on Monet. Boudin introduced him to outdoor painting, which became the basis for his work. In 1872 Monet lived in Argenteuil he lived here until 1876, this is where he painted the canvas red boats, Argenteuil. In the 1920s when he was painting a set of 12 canvases of water lilies but encountered problems as his eyesight was failing him. He became more popular in the second half of the 20th century when his work travelled around the world in museum exhibitions. Claude Monet died on December 5, 1926, Giverny

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The history of modern art started with impressionism. This art movement began in Paris, it occurred as a reaction to the formal style of painting. Impressionist painters such as Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Alfred Sisely and Pierre Auguste Renoir preferred to paint outside. Impressionism is a form of art that tries to achieve the effect of visual reality in terms of the effects of light and colour. Some examples of impressionist artists are Paul C�zanne, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Camille Pissarro, Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Alfred Sisley.

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Name of work: Red boats, argumentive

The country where the artist lived: Claude Monet created this canvas at the banks of the Seine at Argenteuil

Name of artist: Claude Monet

When the work was made: 1875

In this work by Monet, the intense rust-red of the boats in the centre/middle ground of the work is emphasized against the harmony of the blue water, sky and the subtle green of the plants floating along the top of the calm ripples of the water. There are numerous vertical, inorganic lines mainly used for the masts as well as organic lines. The texture and tone found in the clouds allow them to appear fluffy, light and soft. Different textures are found throughout the whole painting where different brush strokes (mainly short) and techniques have been used. There is the use of tone in the sky where the intensity of the colour has been reduced, softened and blended.

The media used to compose the artwork are oil on canvas. The accumulation of objects in the painting has been depicted in a realistic size against their surroundings and the use of colour has mostly been taken from a lighter, paler palate, with no dominant or vibrant colours which stand out from the rest, except for the rust-red of the boats which is one of the warmer or hotter shades of colour in the painting.

The focal point in the artwork is the rust-red boats in the centre or the middle ground of the painting. This is the focal point because it contrasts with the surrounding paler tones and is painted in the most dominant colour of all the objects and scenery. The secondary focal point may be the part of the green and white rowboat in the foreground.

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This work was painted because Monet was seeking to capture the fleeting changes in the glinting play of air and light. In order for him to observe the effects of sunlight more closely, he worked from a boat turned into a studio. There is no particular message that is expressed or conveyed from this artwork.

Monet is successful in capturing the effects of light on a canvas, the style of painting suits what Claude Monet was trying to achieve because impressionism is a form of art that tries to create visual reality. My favourite parts of the artwork are the two rust-red boats in the middle ground of the work because they stand out and I like the way that they are reflected onto the tranquil water.

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