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Children should get paid for good grades – Discuss

In this essay, I’m going to discuss whether or not children should be paid for good grades. This is a debatable topic with advantages, as well as disadvantages.

Paying children to get good grades is very motivational for them since they feel as if they have something to look forward to if they work hard and get good grades. They will start to take a positive angle at being clever as there are more rewards when good is done, than bad.

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However, although it can be motivational, it can make children selfish and greedy in the future. It may make children over-confident and full of themselves, which could lead to bullying other, less-able children. There is also a danger of children carrying around the money they have earned and shown it off, which could therefore cause them to be robbed. This could lead to injuries, and in more serious cases, even death.

By paying children, they could accumulate money for university, or buying educational things. When children work hard and realize that they can achieve good grades, they will realize that they are very clever, and can use this knowledge to take it further in life.

On the other hand, putting children in control of money can prompt them into buying unnecessary things which are no good to them, and in some cases, can harm them, such as drugs, cigarettes, sweets and chocolates. Also, as they are just children, they are too young to put the money into good use and can end up being invested in things that could harm themselves, and the people around them.

In cases of unstable families, when the children are paid for being good and doing well; they feel precious, wanted, special. They feel as if they are making their family proud, and themselves proud. They feel a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

Nevertheless, there is a question of who will pay? The government or the childs’ parents? If the government pays, would that not be a complete waste of money? How many children will be getting good grades, and how will the government pay for all those children? Some parents are financially unstable and cannot afford to go giving out money that they need to live. There is a chance that children who are earning a little amount by getting good grades, will be bullied by children who are getting a lot more money than them because they cannot afford things that others can.

Also, who decides what qualifies for a ‘good’ grade? The government or the childs’ parents? If the government decides, then children who are less able will never get paid, as they are not capable of reaching those set grades. Yet if the child’s parent decides they might bend the rule of ‘good’ grades, therefore defeating the point of paying the child for good grades as they would not be getting good grades, but would still be getting paid.

In conclusion, I feel that children should not be paid for getting good grades as there are far too many complications; who decides what a ‘good’ grade is? Who pays? How do parents know what the money is being used for? There are health and safety issues that could be very serious.

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