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Cheer Captain Essay

Dear Coaches,

There are many different opinions out there about cheerleaders, many good, and some bad. Some people think of them as the girls standing by the football field, but I think of cheerleading as a symbol of all the spirit that we can share, and a token of appreciation toward the team that’s being cheered on. Cheerleading is such a vital part to many sections of the school. If I, Casey Harvel, were chosen to be a captain for the Michigan City High School squad, not only would I make sure that any negative opinions were squashed, but the great qualities the squad holds, are emphasized and constantly challenged.

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One reason I feel that I would make a great choice for a captain is that I would be dedicated to the squad, and would not give up when faced with any obstacle. To me, extra practices, time spent making bows, signs, decorations, cheers, organizing stunts, and many of the other things a captain is chosen to do, is not work, but an amazing privilege. These tasks would not bother or frustrate me, because as long as it would help the girls on my squad, I would be more than happy to do anything to help them or our coaches. I would take all challenges, whether they concern individuals, the squad, a cheer, or a stunt, in an effective way that would help the squad grow. My focus is not on me wanting to be one of the captains for the varsity cheer squad, but to help all of the cheer department and the student body to be more enthused with school spirit. Second, I feel that I have very extensive leadership skills. I have no doubt that I would be able to aid our team to the full potential that I know is yet to be fully discovered by the members.

We have the resources and foundation to be an amazing team that I know every girl on the team would love to be. I believe that I can escort our team to that high with my positive leadership skills. Some of these are positive encouragement, constructive help, good teaching skills, and an open mind and easy to immediate change. All of these components would lead to a very well structured team. I would also encourage team bonding. Some things might include different activities such as a team bonfire, team dinner, or other team bonding times that are not mandatory outside of the regular cheerleading schedule. Hopefully, by the end of you reading this, you can see how dedicated I am to this squad, and how hard I will work to make sure this season is one of the best you have ever seen. I see a lot of promise this year, and if I’m chosen as a captain, this squad’s full potential will be realized.

Cheerleading, to me, isn’t just about standing on the sidelines yelling cheers. It’s about how a group of people can support another group through their spirit. It’s not about bows or matching outfits, either, it’s about how people can come together to achieve something. Finally, it’s not about standing in rows, it’s about how if we can all come together to support something, we can make a difference. This essay does not have the purpose of telling you all the strengths that I have as a person to lead our team. Its purpose is to express the pride and dedication that I have and am willing to put forward toward our team. This is so we can be an amazing cheer squad and have the pride that is deserved for Michigan City High School. Thank you for listening and considering me as an option for one of the captains for the 2012-2013 season.

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