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Cause And Effect Essays

Cause and effect essays are written with the aim of explaining why things happen as a result of a certain action or an event. The factor that instigates the result is the cause and the outcome or the repercussion or the result is the effect of an event or a situation. This is used as a method of discussing ideas. For example, you may write about the causes of teenagers being addicted to social networks, and research on the subject to present evidence to support your theory.

The preparation stage of the essay. When writing the essay you should decide on a topic. List down your topics on a piece of paper and pick the best topic out of the list. You should choose the topic which has good scope so that you will have enough information to back your essay. Research on the chosen topic and see if you have enough information to prove each idea. Draw a table with two columns where one will be filled with causes and the other will be filled with effects, which are relevant to the topic you chose. Once your list is created read again and highlight three or four most important causes and effects that you will describe. Now you are done with your pre-writing preparations and ready to move on to the actual writing.

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Some examples for cause and effect essays are mentioned below.

  • Effects of watching television too much
  • Effects of air pollution
  • Major causes for heart disease
  • Effects of Internet influence on teenagers

For more sample essay topics suited for various essay types, refer to our sample gallery.

Writing tips for a cause and effect essay. You should begin the essay by explaining what a cause and effect essay is. The key points you wish to talk about in the essay are stated next. You should explain the background of the cause so that the reader will have an idea of the basis. Lastly, you state your sentence should be the thesis statement. The thesis statement, of your essay, presents the main argument of the essay. The thesis statement is a road map for your essay because it clearly states the key stance you will be supporting in the body paragraphs. You may qualify your statements using the below-mentioned terms.

  • For causes: because, since, therefore, for
  • For effects: as a result, so, one main reason is why, one of the most important reasons, consequently

The second, third and fourth paragraphs should be filled with arguments for both the cause and the effect of a situation. Limit your points depending on the length of your essay and don’t forget that too many points will definitely confuse the reader. You should write on the cause and then the effect of a number of effects that take place as a result of the cause. Make sure your explanations are logical and valid and strictly related to the thesis statement. Strengthen your essay with evidence that clearly shows the relation to the topic. Define statistics, quotes and press releases to add more quality to the essay. At the conclusion, of the essay, you may repeat your thesis statement. End the essay with a recap of the causes and effects discussed in the body of the essay. You may state your opinion or final thought for readers to count on. Always keep in mind that the effect is the reaction, incident or result. The cause is why it happened or the action that spurred the reaction.

Post writing is important. When advising on how to write essays, we cannot forget the importance of the post-writing stage. If you have time, put aside your completed essay and go back to it the next day or after a couple of hours. Read carefully, marking errors, correcting sentence structures and smoothening the sentence flow. Spell check carefully and finish final editing prior to submission. Now that you have understood the process of how to write a cause and effect essay, make sure to apply the tips to gain a good grade.

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